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Staying safe and healthy!

Due to the recent developments in the world regarding the spread of Covid-19 it is more important than ever that we stay healthy.

At Mapiful, as for many other companies, everyone that can are working hard from home and following the guidelines provided to us by authorities. We are continuously making the changes needed in order to continue to deliver to you guys with minimal disruption. As we navigate a lot of uncertainty together, we’ll do our best to do what’s right, and we hope we’re able to continue to share inspiration, joy, and positivity in your homes, feeds and inboxes!

How are we dealing with it

Who we are and why.

“We’re on a mission to bring joy to everyone’s homes through endlessly customizable wall art. Celebrate what’s truly special to you. Whether it’s a moment, a place, or someone special”.

Tell your story

We believe your home is a reflection of your personality and that your interior deserves to be a reflection of your unique stories that make you, you!

You are the creative

It is easy to create the perfect print for your home using our design tools. You are unique and there is no reason that your home and art should not reflect that too.

We take pride in quality

When memories fade, we think it's important that the things we have to remind us about these best times do not. We use high quality, museum graded paper and print with inks that withstand the tests of time.

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