Color Coordination Tricks for your Interior that Everyone Needs to know

Bring some harmony to your home! Here we share some tips and tricks for basic interior color coordination, so that you can design your space like an absolute pro.

Warm Neutral

Trend alert! Neutral colors are all the rage for 2020, and are a great way to get a luxurious feel at home without having to put too much effort with your color combo.

Just stick to classic neutral colors like black, white, gray and beige. They can be both warm and cold, and can be accented with creamy white hues and earthy tones.

Can’t decide which? A quick trick used by pro interior stylists is to pull the colors from a fabric that you like that already fits your interior, whether it be cushion covers or your duvet set. This way, the fabric designer has already done the matching for you!


Love bright colors? Triadic interiors are often bright and uplifting, and, as you might have guessed, rely on a scheme made up of three bright colors.

To choose the three colors for your space, the simplest way is to pick three colors that are evenly spaced on the color wheel. To incorporate them into your set up, pro interior stylists often use the 60-30-10 rule. The idea behind this is to help you achieve some balance when decorating with color, with 60% of the room being made up of the main color, 30% from the secondary color, and the last 10% as an accent.

Red, yellow and blue are perhaps the obvious choice here, but you can also pick from anywhere in between!


A monochrome color scheme means that every shade you use comes from the same base color. It doesn’t just mean decking out your space in black and white! There are an incredible variety of shades, tones and shifts in a single color, making it easy to create a finely balanced and calming interior. A great tip for this kind of interior theme is to use a variety of materials and shapes to add some intriguing textures. Make it extra eye-catching!

Scandinavian interiors ace the monochrome color scheme! Click here to out our introduction to Scandinavian styling.

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