Leo Season 2020: How It Will Affect You

(July 22nd – August 23rd)

Ruled by the Sun and the element of fire, we should all start to feel a welcome lift in our energy as the sign of the Lion starts to take effect.

This isn’t the only change that Leo season will bring, though… and you won’t want to miss it!

Own your Emotions

It’s time for us to leave behind the sentimentality of Moon-ruled Cancer season. Leo is ruled by the Sun, so we can expect to discover a newly illuminated path to take that will facilitate our own personal progression.

At the peak of Leo season, this feeling of advancement will get a boost from the rare alignment of the Earth, Sun, and the star, Sirius, opening up motivational energy. We’ll get the kick we’ve been waiting for to get ahead, and get stuff done.

This season will also inspire even the timidest of us to be brave and to stand up for what we believe in. Leo is all about taking action, and the New Moon on August 18th will call us to speak up and discover new personal power.

Whether this means getting recognition career-wise, sitting down for a tricky conversation that we’ve been putting off, or attending a protest, this is the time to make some big moves. Procrastination? Not today!

Monthly Checklist

Pickup a project you’ve been putting off

Do something that scares you

Have your very own spa day

Self-care Season

You heard right. It’s time for some you time!

Lions love to lounge in the sun and are known for being notoriously vain, so this month will also encourage some well needed rest and relaxation to get you looking and feeling your absolute best.

On August 7th Venus moves into Cancer, and as a result we will all feel a strong self-love energy that encourages our self-care practices even more. Bubble bath, anyone?

This doesn’t mean you’ll want to stay at home and relax the whole time, though. Leo Sun signs known for being the life and soul of the party, and we will all feel more social as the month progresses. Zoom calls and distanced meetups, here we come!