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4 Surprisingly Creative Ways You Can Style Text Art Mapiful

Prepare to get creative after reading about these four ways to showcase your photos and text. Style even the most surprising spaces in your home with Text Art!

Af Edvin Brobeck

Style your photos with Text Art Mapiful

We know you lot are an artistic bunch! Prepare to get creative and fill those empty walls after reading about these four ways to showcase your photos and text. We show you how to style them with our Text Art Mapiful, with inspiration to fit even the most surprising spaces in your home!


Kitchen Coziness

Style Text Art Mapiful kitchen

The kitchen is often forgotten when it comes to decorating, but it’s walls need love too!

Want to include a unique piece of artwork to decorate your cooking place, but not sure where to start?

Here are some of our best ideas for creating a Text Art Mapiful for your kitchen:

1. Family recipes
2. Artistic food snaps
3. Cocktail-making instructions
4. Your very own bar menu

Pro Tip: When uploading brightly colored images of food and drink to create your Text Art, selecting a darker theme like Asphalt will help these colors to really pop!


Playroom Fun

Style Text Art Mapiful Playroom

A sweet way to add some art to your playroom or even child’s bedroom.

Combine your favourite photo of them with a special quote or text, and show them how they can move closer to read the words, and step back to admire the image!

Or, try combining any of these:

1. Baby photos
2. Birth dates
3. Ultrasound scans
4. Children’s story quotes

Top Tip: When creating yours, try selecting the theme Cloud for a playful pastel touch.


Your home Netflix Nook

Style Text Art Mapiful Netflix

Wouldn’t we all love to have a home cinema room? The next best thing is surely decorating your Netflix nook or TV station with your favorite movies. Your very own walk of fame!

Some ideas:
1. Stills
3. Release dates
4. A photo of someone you idolize

Pro Tip: You can turn your colored photos black and white when designing your Text Art, by toggling the greyscale setting in the editor!


Plant Corner

Style Text Art Mapiful Plant

Whether it be your conservatory or even a covered balcony, how about bringing the outside in by creating a plant print? Create an eye-catching patterned artwork to elevate your space and add a pop of colour!

1. Plant or flower snaps
2. Jungle or wild animal photos
3. Wallpaper designs
4. Latin names

Pro Tip: Can’t see your image well? Toggle the contrast setting when creating your art, and see your chosen pattern shine through!

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