Design • 22 september, 2021 • 6 min læsning

5 Dark Academia Room Ideas To Try

Dark Academia is the decor trend taking 2021 by storm, with moody tones, vintage accents and antique furnishing. Discover these 5 easy steps on how to bring your dark academia aesthetic to life within your home.

Af Edvin Brobeck

Dark Academia Explained

One of the most unconventional styling approaches, dark academia room decor, is back in and making its mark in 2021. This distinctive interior style is characterized by its dark colour palette, eerie ambience and sprinkling of eccentric trinkets, making it any fantasy literature reader’s haven.

Although dark academia is often described as maximalist, many believe it to be a timeless take on interior design, as it features decor aspects that will always remain in style. Think leather-bound books, vintage golden candle holders and stained mirrors and you are sure to be on the right track.

Read on to discover how you can create your own dark academia aesthetic room in 5 easy steps.


The Darker The Better

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Any dark academia room decor you see will have one common denominator, the colour palette. The tones of dark academia aesthetic perfectly encapsulate the atmosphere that this trend tries to capture – moody, soothing and somewhat eerie. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to paint the entire room black. There are a whole range of shades that you can experiment with, from deep reds and browns, to grey hues and blue pigments.


Antique Aspiration

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Antique elements and vintage detailing have  a major role to play in dark academia room decor. Not only do they bring a mysterious, ghostly vibe to the space, but they add to the timeless nature of this interior style. 

Thrift shopping is an amazing way to find the perfect pieces for your dark academia aesthetic room, as each unique piece will have it’s own story attached to it. This adds to the personality of the space. 

Focus your search on items such as old stained mirrors, engraved trinkets, wooden clocks. Vintage jewellery boxes with gold surrounds, or Greek busts.


Glory To Gothic

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Much of the dark academia room decor aesthetic is inspired by gothic themes, with an almost vampiric undertone. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to paint your entire room black and litter the room with skulls, unless that’s your thing. 

Instead, try featuring dark wood furnishing, rusted gold plated candle holders and accents, and leather bound books. These elements are subtle, but still elevate the gothic theme in a timeless way.


 Black Flame Candles

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An undeniable staple of the dark academia aesthetic bedroom – candles, and lots of them! 

Introducing different types of candles and playing with different placement ideas is the perfect way to enhance the moody, dark vibe you’re going for with this particular decor. Try mixing and matching pillar, votive and taper candles to add dimension to the space. If you are feeling extra creative, check out our tutorial on how to make your own twisted candles.

You can also experiment with different colours of candles, such as yellow, white, brown and black tones.


Layer In Peace

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Although the general theme of this interior approach focuses on creating a darker, vintage space, that doesn’t meet that we have to sacrifice coziness. Infusing the area with materials like wool, plaid and tweed will allow you to add a degree of warmth whilst keeping the dark academia room aesthetic.

Similarly, choosing bulky bedding with layered sheets and duvets will give the impression of an old, dorm-style  bedroom, much like the ones that feature in Harry Potter.


 Dark Academia Wrapped Up

Although dark academia room decor is considered to be a social media inspired trend, this decor style has been around for quite some time. The unorthodox yet timeless design approach is perfect for any fantasy literature fan, allowing you to bring the aesthetic of your favourite book to life.

Now that you’re armed with knowledge of the staples of dark academia decor, enjoy creating your own cosy haven, ideal for the winter months.