Design • 21 april, 2020 • 7 min læsning

Balcony Decor: 6 Tips for Easy Balcony Styling

Most of us dream of having an outdoor space of our own, and balcony decor is not to be missed when it comes to this type of space. Here’s how to make yours beautiful.

Af Edvin Brobeck

The Scoop on Balcony Decor

Balcony decor is often tricky to perfect. Whether you are lucky enough to have a balcony, a simple fire-escape, or if you are just daydreaming by an open window about having one someday, our six easy tips for balcony decor are here to provide all the decorative inspiration you need!


Don’t choose ordinary balcony decor

Balcony decor ideas with a mapiful poster

Small space? No problem! When it comes to balcony decor, it’s all about how to make use of the space you have. Measure it all out first to make sure you’re being smart about it. Use the wall space available to you to max out what’s available before you start decorating. Add a touch of paint, or stack hanging plants or storage shelves up them to save room.

What about balcony art?

Adding art to your balcony might not be a no brainer, especially if you don’t have a covered balcony, but adding a framed custom poster to your balcony during the summer season when the weather is better will add a really personal touch. Design a custom map poster of the city your balcony overlooks, or even a line drawing of the skyline you see every day. This will create a truly personal feel and make an excellent talking point for any guest you might host during the summer months!

Small balcony seating

Less is more when it comes to seating, so don’t underestimate the power of some folding chairs and some blankets. Just make sure you don’t lose them in a high wind!

Whether you have room for a built-in outdoor couch, or simply a table for one, adding a runner, cushions and some outdoor beanbags are all good solutions to elevate your seating situation.

Sitting two chairs together facing outwards to your view is also a great way to draw the eye outside, and make your balcony look extra inviting. Got room to hang a hammock? Why not! Get ready to lounge away those spring afternoons in comfort.


Balcony garden

balcony decor ideas

Window boxes are not only adorable, but can brighten your whole neighborhood, and for the culinary gurus, a little herb garden can add plenty of fragrance to your area. Picking herbs from your balcony for cooking will have you feeling green fingered in no time!

Crating a balcony garden will also let your inner plant parent shine. Whether you consider yourself to have a green thumb or not, plants can do wonders to liven up dull balconies, and come in all shapes and sizes. Choose plants that enjoy plenty of sun, and watch them bloom outside your window this spring. Check out our guide to houseplants that you can’t kill here.

Also, placing a planter right inside the door to your balcony can help to bring the outside in, and make your balcony feel like a perfectly natural extension of your indoor space. Beautiful!

Add a balcony rug

Throw down a mat or rug and treat your toes whenever you step outside!

You may have never seen an outdoor rug in the wild, but they do exist, and they’re super practical! Durable, easy to clean, these rugs are a simple way to create a comfortable atmosphere on your balcony, especially if you’re renting and don’t want to invest in outdoor furniture. Coordinate colour with cushion covers or beanbags to instantly upgrade your balcony decor. 


Balcony privacy ideas

balcony decor with string lights and a privacy wall

Add a spot of shade by popping up a small windbreak, hanging some trailing plant pots, or adding some tall plants like bamboo to create a space away from the sun. You can even add a trellis with a climbing plant, to create a natural wall that you can watch grow overtime.

This is also especially good if your balcony is cozied up against your neighbours and you’d like to create some privacy for yourself. No peeking over though!

Balcony decor lighting

Lighting provides the perfect finishing touch to your balcony decor. Wrap some outdoors-safe string lights around your rail or seating to keep your balcony feeling cozy as the sun goes down! This also helps to make your neighbourhood look lovely, no-matter the time of year.

If your balcony has a cover or a trellis, hang some little lanterns or exposed bulbs for a really cosy feeling.

The Wrap on Balcony Decor

There we have it, balcony decor doesn’t seem so boring now right? Try any of these simple steps for balcony styling, and all you’ll have left to do is imagine you’re at a rooftop cocktail bar. Grab your drink of choice, put your feet up, and relax in your newly upgraded space!