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Earth Day: Sustainability at Mapiful

Earth Day give us the opportunity to talk about sustainability at Mapiful. This is how we honor our Mother Earth and how we can be better.

Af Edvin Brobeck


Sustainability At Mapiful

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Custom Classic Mapiful poster

Another year has passed and here we are again. Happy Earth Day my loves! At Mapiful, whilst we are not perfect yet, value sustainability and take small steps to honor our Mother Earth every day of the year. However, Earth Day does give us the opportunity to talk about sustainability at Mapiful and shine light on what matters the most to us! Here are some things we have done on our journey towards minimizing our environmental and social footprint.


We Use FSC Certified Paper

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Custom Star Mapiful poster

To begin with, your custom Mapiful posters are thoughtfully printed on FSC-certified® paper. This guarantees that the paper you’re now looking at is sustainably sourced, and meets the highest environmental standards. We also ensure that wood materials for our hangers and frames also meet these standards.

You may still wonder what the FSC® logo really stands for? Well to begin with, FSC® is a not-for-profit organization that was founded to encourage responsible and sustainable management of our world’s forests. At Mapiful, we pride ourselves on having the FSC® logo as this means that our paper has been harvested and produced in a sustainable and responsible manner.

If you’d like to know more about the Forest Stewardship Council® , continue reading here! If you’d also like to find out more about the quality of our materials and how you should actually care for your Mapiful products, click here!

PRO TIP: Want to make a small change with a huge impact? Buy an inexpensive reusable water bottle and a reusable coffee or tea mug and carry these around with you whenever you leave the house. By doing so, you can save up to 112 plastic bottles a month and up to 60 single use coffee mugs a month, depending on how much you consume. While we’re at it, if you’re going to do any kind of shopping, always carry reusable shopping bags and refuse plastic bags at shops.


Local Production Facilities In Over 30 Countries

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Did you know this? We are by no means perfectly green yet, but let me explain why we are proud of having over 100 printing partners in over 30 countries. Rather than having one printing station in one country and shipping our products all over the world, working with local production facilities lets us produce your custom Mapiful closer to you. Not only does this greatly reduce carbon emissions but also means your one-of-a-kind prints arrive on your doorstep much faster! 

PRO TIP: Always refuse straws and buy your own metal one! They always come with a specially made cleaning brush in a bag, they’re cheap and easy to carry around to reuse anytime! If you’re someone that likes to buy takeaway lunches, buy a reusable food container that you can ask your local cafe or deli to fill rather than single use plastic containers! Here’s a tip, negotiate for a discount for using your own containers, it always works!


Reducing carbon emission by up to 67% per order

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Custom Classic Mapiful poster

As a small but fast growing Scandinavian brand, when Mapiful first started, we were shipping out all of our products from Sweden… Not only was this expensive, it also really wasn’t great for the environment. That’s why we decided to partner up with printing partners all over the world.

This allowed us to:

– Cut shipping distances by 3445 km per order. That is the equivalent distance between London and Cairo
Reduce the carbon emissions by 67 percent per order
– Have more than 85% of our orders are produced in the same country as the customer

PRO TIP: This tip will require you to sit down and watch. Doing things for the environment is amazing but being informed is equally important! We recommend you to watch the following documentaries about the environment as well as the food industry: Food Inc., Our Planet, The True Cost, Before the Flood and of course the new Netflix release Seaspiracy!

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