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Gift Guide Issue 1: Creating The Perfect Personalized Gift

Wondering how you can create personalized gifts for loved ones, near and far? Read on for three feel-good ideas for creating and gifting meaningful custom prints, for everyone on your list.

Af Edvin Brobeck

Three Heart Warming, Personalized Gifts with Mapiful

Here at Mapiful, we love to help you celebrate life’s most meaningful moments by allowing you to transform them into beautiful custom prints, whether it be a moment, a place, or someone special.

Wondering how you can create the perfect personalized print for loved ones, near and far? Look no further! We have carefully curated the perfect gift guide for this Christmas to make your life that little bit easier.

Read on to get inspired!


Bring Their Favourite Place To Life

los angeles street map and dog

Breathe life into your loved one’s favourite place on earth with Street Map Art. This unique concept allows you to create a stunning wall hanging out of their most loved location – a gift that is sure to bring about that warm fuzzy feeling.

The options are endless when choosing which location to feature on this custom designed map. It could be a map of your loved one’s hometown, the location of their engagement or wedding or where their child was born? 

1. Choose your location

2. Customize the headers with a special message, memory or quote

3. Select the style that best suits your loved one’s interior

4. Select your poster size and variation


Capture The Night Sky

our wedding day gaia star map

Create a custom designed map of the constellations that adorned the sky on a special night in your loved one’s life with Star Map Art. 

Be it the day their child was born, their wedding day or the first night spent in their forever home, this touching gift allows you to bring your loved ones story to life in a totally unique way. 

1. Enter the date and location

2. Choose the style that best match your loved one’s interior

3. Customize the text with a special memory, quote or message

4. Select your poster size and variation


Create A Line In Time

couple line art

Design a sleek custom Line Art print for your loved one this Christmas, featuring a range of graphics to choose from that celebrate life’s most magical moments. 

The Mapiful Line Art collection allows you to create a minimalistic wall hanging that features an illustration that speaks to your loved one. Be it a city skyline, a new home, a newlywed couple, or newborn baby, line art is the perfect way to honour a part of their story. 

1. Choose the illustration

2. Pick the colors that best suit the print

3. Customize the text with a special memory, quote or message

4. Select your poster size and variation

If celebrating the arrival of a new addition is a focus for you this Christmas, why not browse our newly launched Nursery Collection. Featuring adorable personalised animal posters, onesies and tote bags, our new collection is filled with the perfect gifts for both parents and baby.


The Gift Of Connection 

This Christmas, we have curated our gift guide with one thing in mind – strengthening the connection with our loved ones. Each of our featured custom designed maps are created with the aim to help you honour you and your loved one’s story in the most authentic way possible.

So, when searching for the perfect gift for the special people in your life this Christmas, get inspired by the amazing chapters in their story so far.