Design • 26 oktober, 2021 • 8 min læsning

Gift Guide Issue 2: Gifting Ideas For Every Personality On Your Christmas List

Stuck searching for truly personal gifts and unique presents for this holiday season? Whoever you’re shopping for, cross off everyone on your list with these five Mapiful gifting ideas by personality.

Af Edvin Brobeck

Five Perfect Gifts For Every Personality 

Are you struggling to find unique and personal gifts for your loved one’s this holiday season? Luckily, we have created a gift guide featuring 5 ideas that are perfect for every personality type on your Christmas list. 

Read on and get gifting!

The Interior Lovers

street map of Murcia and Christmas tree

Buying gifts for those that adore decor can be daunting, will it match their aesthetic, will it fit with their interior?  

Luckily, we have the perfect personal gift that’s both totally unique and a pretty safe bet. Mapiful street map prints are timeless wall hangings that allow you to create a custom visualisation of your loved one’s favourite place in the world. 

Each print is available in a wide range of style and colors, which makes tailoring this gift to your loved one’s style super easy!

 The Travel Enthusiasts

dark text art of Valencia

One of the best parts of travelling is the amazing pictures you capture along the way. These photos are the secret to keeping memories alive, letting people re-experience the emotions they felt while exploring all over again!

That’s why Mapiful text art is the ideal personal gift for your loved one’s with the travel bug.  These prints allow you to combine their favorite images with a special text, leaving you with a totally custom momento.

The Lovebirds

you and me star map and girl sitting on floor

What’s more personal than capturing the stars that sparkled on their most romantic night? 

Our star maps are the perfect personal gift for the lovebirds in your life, allowing you to create a visualisation of the constellations that danced across the sky on the couple’s most special night.  

Be it when they made their relationship official, their engagement or when they said “I do”, these prints add a touch of magic to the most meaningful moments.

The Parents

baby line art and bedroom

Looking for a way to celebrate your loved one’s becoming parents? We’ve got you! 

Mapiful line art  is the perfectly sleek way to pay homage to new life, letting you create custom wall art of their bundle of joy. Choose between ten beautiful baby illustrations, from a mother cradling her new addition to the new addition peacefully sleeping. 

With littles ones in mind, why not browse the new Mapiful Nursery Collection? Our newest launch features adorable personalised animal posters, onesies and tote bags – great gifts for both parents and baby.

The Trendsetters

dark libra zodiac and Christmas tree

Thinking of the best gift to get your trendsetter friends can be a challenge, as they love items that are both unique and ahead of the curve. 

Enter Mapiful Zodiac prints! These custom wall hangings that showcase your astrological sign make amazing personal gifts for the trend trailblazers. 

Each print is available in a range of styles. The mid-century inspired Gaia collection, designed by YouMakeFashion, is ideal for your loved ones that like to stay on-trend.


 Get Connected This Christmas

Buying and receiving gifts at Christmas is incredibly exciting, from the excitement of seeing friends and family’s faces unwrapping their presents to the anticipation of being gifted your own. 

However, this year we are placing a special focus on creating personal gifts that allow us to strengthen your connection with your favourite people.

 So, when designing your custom Mapiful, get inspired by the true magic of Christmas and create a piece that celebrates the best moments and milestones so far!