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Pisces Season 2021: What It Has In Store For You

Pisces Season will be a time of closure. Let's wrap up the energies of 2020 and take a closer look at your predictions. Hint: good things!

Af Edvin Brobeck

(February 18th  – March 20th)
Pisces Season is finally here and a huge variety of events and results are awaiting in the year 2021! You will experience everything from success to times where you will have to take extra precautions. It’s been said that your career success will go through the roof and possibilities of desired jobs or transfers will be in your favor this year. 


Heal And Feel This Pisces Season

personalized zodiac poster of pisces

Pisces, this will help you thrive during the turbulence of eclipse season in the spring. As you swim into the last days of winter and spring, there will be a chance to do some deep inner healing that will bring you closer with your brood, allowing you to see that home is where your heart is in 2021.

On February 20th, Mercury will finally station, being at its most powerful, after having been retrograde since January 30th. There is a possibility that issues from the past will resurface for clearing. Communicating our thoughts and feelings may be easier during this time, giving you the opportunity to solve any interpersonal conflicts, technical difficulties or miscommunications in general. Another event that will take place about a week later is the Virgo Full Moon, this will be one of the nicest full moons we’ve had in years carrying healing and creative energy. You will feel grounded, certain and secure allowing you to move forward confidently.

Monthly Checklist:

Spend time with your family
Listen to your intuition 
Take chances
Take extra good care of your health


Follow your Gut

personalized zodiac poster of pisces

Success in your interpersonal relationships doesn’t mean that your love life will be smooth sailing. Your 2021 horoscope predicts some trouble in paradise caused by the combined aspects of Saturn and Jupiter challenging you and your love life. But don’t worry, the end looks promising, just be ready for it. Your health is looking great this year, but please be especially careful and stay mindful  between the months of April to September. 

On March 10th, the sun will conjunct with Neptune, the planet of dreams, illusions and creativity. Neptune’s strong energy will act as a reminder to trust your inner voice as it may shift you out of alignment with your own truth. Be open to seeing things from a new perspective as well trusting your own instinct, especially now.