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What Is Astrology and Why Does It Work?

Astrology is the study of the connection between the movements of heavenly bodies and our own life on earth. Read on as guest bloggers Mathilda and Amanda from the Swedish wellness and personal development podcast ‘Holy Crap’ explain why astrology is more than just reading your horoscope, and why it really works!

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Astrology Demystified

Astrology is seen as the knowledge of how the movements of the planets in the sky affect our life on earth. It is actually one of the world’s oldest teachings, and can be traced back in time over 6000 years. But this may sound obscure – how can objects that are so far away actually have any effect on us?

In fact, astrology is much more scientific than you might think, and in the past you could not call yourself a scientist if you were not a trained astrologer as well! To describe how the celestial bodies can affect us, we can compare it with how gravity works. Planets and celestial bodies are constantly in relation to each other and perform a kind of cosmic dance. The force that holds the planets in their orbits around each other is gravity, and it works exactly this way with the earth and the moon, for example. The moon moves around the earth and constantly affects it with its gravity. It causes the oceans to rise and fall, and since we humans consist of seventy percent water, it also affects our bodies.

It is the same with the other planets in our solar system. The Earth is affected not only by the power of the moon but also by the power of Venus, Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter and all the way out to Pluto. Our solar system is like its own small ecosystem, where each object is dependent on and has an effect on each other.


Every planet in the solar system affects us differently

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So, we humans are affected by these forces, but how come Mars affects us in one way and Venus in another?

It has to do with how each planet is built, its structure and what conditions they have. You could call this the planet’s archetype. Mars is a very hot planet that has had many volcanic eruptions over the centuries and also has the second fastest orbit around the sun after Mercury.

Therefore, we are not only affected by the gravity of Mars, but also by its properties – heat and explosiveness. Where you have Mars in your horoscope or birth chart shows you how to take action, and how you experience anger, among other things.

It is the same with all the other planets in the solar system. We are most affected by the planets that are closest to Earth, such as Mercury, Mars and Venus, and slightly less by those that are further away, such as Uranus and Neptune, as the gravitational force decreases. Mercury, Mars and Venus are usually called personal planets in astrology, because they are so close that they affect us on a personal level, while the outer planets are referred to as generational planets, as their effect is more on a collective scale instead.

The interesting thing about the fact that all planets have their own archetype is that astrology will look different if we move away and out to another solar system, where the number of celestial bodies and their structure varies from the structure of our solar system.


Astrology is much more than just reading your horoscope!

In other words, astrology is a very accurate and well mapped science, which includes much more than the average weekly horoscopes you read in the newspapers. It is a tool for us to get to know ourselves, and really works thanks to each planet’s archetype and its impact on us here on earth.

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Words by Mathilda and Amanda

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