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Baby Shower Gift Guide – Mom To Be Posters

Shopping for your first baby shower? Or are you looking to gift something a little more unique this time around? These Baby Shower Gifts are all the inspiration you need for gifting mom to be posters!

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Baby Shower Gift Guide – Mom To Be Posters

Did you think that creating baby shower gifts would take a lot of time? Think again! With Mapiful, you can create unique and completely custom gifts that celebrate life’s most meaningful milestones, whether they are a moment, a place, or someone special to you.

Mapiful shows you how to highlight the best memory or achievement for your mom to be friends! Turn the moment, the starry night or the place their baby will be born into a beautiful custom print that can be framed and admired for years to come.

Read on as we show you how to create 4 different personalized posters for moms, in a few easy steps.


Her Name

nursery collection
Custom Classic Mapiful poster – Modern Style

Create an adorable animal print poster featuring their new bundle of joy’s name. 

Choose their favourite animal to feature on this customizable wall hanging, perfect for any nursery! Easily add your chosen text, be it the baby’s name or a meaningful quote, in just a few clicks.

Step 1 – Choose your animal

Pick the mom to be’s favourite animal to feature on the poster.

Step 2 – Choose your size

Select which variation you would like the wall hanging to be printed.

Step 3 – Customize your headers

Write a name, special message or quote and create a custom header.

Discover more of our nursery collection here, ideal for baby shower gifting. Create personalized baby onsies and tote bags, perfect for mom to be’s. Warning: Get ready for happy tears! 


Her Birth Night Sky

mom to be star map poster of the night sky
Custom Star Mapiful poster – Modern Style

The most beautiful Baby Shower Gift – a starmap of their child’s birth sky.

Our customizable Star Map prints let you easily create personalized posters of the stars of any location and date. Gifting the night sky of your friends’ expected due date will suddenly make it all very real! Imagine seeing the night sky of when your child will finally be born, and it hasn’t even happened yet! 

Step 1 – Enter your location

Enter any meaningful place or coordinates, and zoom and drag to get the perfect map.

Step 2 – Choose your style

Pick your colors, style and fonts to create a piece of artwork that is unique to their style.

Step 3 – Customize your headers

Write a special message, memory or text and create custom headers.

Why not customize the labels with a meaningful message to make her gift go the extra mile? Star Mapiful’s sleek and feminine design makes it the perfect baby shower gift!


Her Little One’s Zodiac Sign

mom to be poster of capricorn
Custom Zodiac Mapiful poster – Nautical Style

One of the most popular mom to be posters is the Zodiac Mapiful! This poster lets you create a sleek constellation map print to celebrate the birth of her little one!

Pick your chosen star sign, color and text in just a few clicks. Each print can also be easily customized to include the typical traits of the chosen sign, the birthstone, planets and symbol.

Step 1 – Choose your sign

Whether you’re a bold Aries, or want to celebrate the birth of a sweet Scorpio, find the star sign that corresponds to the little one’s birthday so the parents can discover a little more about their baby in advance!

Step 2 – Personalize your text
Add any special words or quotes to celebrate the uniqueness of their character!

Step 3 – Customize your headers

Each home and interior is different, and with our predefined colors and themes you can quickly find a look that suits your friend’s interior style.

It’s as easy as that to create a zodiac baby shower poster gift.


Her Birth Place

classic street map

Create a custom visualization of one of the mom to be’s most meaningful locations. Our Classic Street Maps allow you to breathe life in to your places closest to your loved one’s hearts. Perfect for parents to be, design a personalized street map of the their home or where their new addition will be born.

Step 1 – Choose your location

Pick the location you want to feature on the special print by entering the name or coordinates!

Step 2 – Choose your theme

Choose which theme and style best suits the interior of the mom to be’s home

Step 3 – Customize the headers

Add a special message, quote or memory to tie the piece together


A final word on mom to be posters

text art poster of siblings
Classic Mapiful poster gallery – Modern Style

Baby shower gifts aren’t easy, but if you want to bring something unique and new to the table, Mapiful is the right choice! Not only will it help the mom-to-be plan for the nursery, but these thoughtful custom mom to be posters are the perfect sentimental gift. Grab some tissues when she unwraps her gift, and prepare for a hug with lots of happy tears!