Design • 26 août, 2021 • 9 min de lecture

4 Beautiful Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

The kitchen is one of the most important locations within the home, oftentimes being the gathering point for friends and family. Therefore, it's vital that your decor lends itself to this cozy, welcoming atmosphere. Discover these 4 beautiful wall decor ideas to create the perfect kitchen hang out spot.

Par Edvin Brobeck

 Kitchen Wall Decor That Will Totally Transform The Space

Kitchen wall decor can be an interior aspect that falls by the wayside when it comes to designing your perfect cookery and dining space. Generally, most of your focus goes on deciding between staple fixtures and preferred layouts.  Although choosing the right installations, from sinks to stove tops, are integral parts of the design process, it is not solely these elements that make your ideal kitchen space. The small details are just as important. 

When you think of your favourite kitchens, be it in family or friend’s home, they all have personal touches dotted around the space that gives a comfortable, relaxed and safe feel.  With this in mind, we have put together a list of 4 beautiful kitchen wall decor ideas. Read on to discover how you can implement these touches into your own space.


 Street Map Wall Art

modern street map of New York

Paying homage to you and/or your family’s story is a fantastic way to personalise your space and increase the homely sense attached to the area. This is why street map art is always the perfect choice for kitchen wall decor.

The beauty of a street map wall hanging lies in the fact that it can be tailored in such a way that it perfectly matches any interior style. Additionally, creating this visualisation of a location that is specific to you and turning it into art allows visitors to your home an insight into your life and becomes a conversation piece.


 Sleek Line Art Pieces

white line art with oak frame

If you are looking for a more understated, minimalistic approach to kitchen wall decor, our newest line art collection is made for you. These elegant prints allow you to design a unique piece of line work that reflects a variety of themes perfect for the setting of the space, from flora and skyline, to love and family.

The distinct lines of these pieces against the backdrop of complimentary muted tones allows you to create art that is simple in nature, but eye-catching and beautiful in its simplicity.


Star Map Wall Hangings

gaia star map

Capture the stars that adorned the sky on an important night in your life with our stunning star map art. These prints make for the perfect addition to your kitchen wall decor, as they are not only highly personal but visually stunning.

Much like the street map mentioned above, these wall hangings create a unique conversation piece whilst simultaneously allowing your guests an insight into your story.

These star maps can be completely tailored to match any interior design approach, and look the best when framed and hung in an open space within the kitchen.


Text Art Prints

text art family kitchen

Taking into consideration the function of the space and the nature of the time spent here, text art prints are ideal pieces of kitchen wall decor. These wall hangings allow you to transform one of your most loved images by incorporating text that is meaningful to you to create a fully personalised piece of art.

The kitchen area is widely regarded as a family space, where meals are prepared and enjoyed together. Therefore, having a unique variation of your favourite image of you and your family is the perfect way to create that inviting, cosy atmosphere that upgrades the space.


The Wrap on Kitchen Wall Decor

There are copious amounts of rules and guidelines when it comes to interior design. However, if you approach the decor process with the aim to personalise your home in a way that is totally unique to you, it’s almost impossible to go wrong. 

Kitchen wall decor is no different. A huge portion of time is spent in this area of the home, so with the goal of decorating it in a way that reflects the personality and story of you and/or your family. 

By doing this, you will create a space that is both familiar and welcoming, and will be the venue for future memories with the ones you love most.