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Farmhouse Mantel Decor: 15 Decorating Ideas for Your Fireplace

Fireplaces are often the centerpiece of living rooms because the decorations on the mantel capture everyone’s attention. An empty mantel may seem intimidating, but it’s easy to find the perfect farmhouse mantel decor when you check out these decorating ideas for your fireplace! Article by Cora Gold.

Par Edvin Brobeck

Farmhouse Mantel Decor Made Easy

When it comes to farmhouse mantel decor, the key is to feature items that are easy on the eye, but also make a statement. Working with limited space means that you must be intentional with your choice of decoration, avoiding clutter and unnecessary busyness. It may help to think about what you want this area to say – it may be an extension of your interior design choice, an  homage to family or simply a place to let your creativity flourish. 

Read on to get inspired with these 15 decorating ideas for your fireplace!


Vintage Crates and Initials

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Custom Classic Mapiful poster – Modern Style

Old crates have a worn look that perfectly matches farmhouse mantel decor. Put one on your mantel or lay it on its side before adding wooden initials that spell your last name.


Leaning Empty Window Frame

Anyone can find empty window frames at flea markets and yard sales. Remove the panes to avoid unsightly glares and lean them on top of your mantle between flower vases.


Miniature Wood and Iron Gate

Small gates with decorative iron in the middle of each door look lovely when hung over a mantel. Attach a wreath for additional texture and color.


Multi-Sized Succulent Arrangements

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Real and faux succulents come in many different sizes, so display them in creative arrangements within containers like tiny bird cages or pots.


Gently Used Wooden Shutters

People often sell wooden shutters at farmer’s markets. Hang or lean them above your mantel and put a large picture between them or anything else that fits with your home’s vibe.


Natural Evergreen Garland

Invest in a trailing evergreen garland or make one in your backyard and drape it over your mantel to add a natural element to your fireplace.


Wicker Baskets and Greenery

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You can also play with texture by adding wicker baskets and assorted greenery to your fireplace. They can hold flower arrangements or miniature plants to become the centerpiece of your living room.


Framed Burlap Sign

Get a vintage picture frame and cover the back insert with burlap. You can paint a design on it before hanging the framed art over your fireplace. To reduce potential damage of fire in your building, make sure nothing is hanging off of the ledge of the mantel.


Framed Flower Pressings

Find a bouquet or pick a few flowers from your garden and press them until they’re dry. They’ll look lovely within a decorative frame that hangs over your mantle.


Inherited Family Heirlooms

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A mantel is a great place to proudly display any family heirlooms, like clocks or knick-knacks. They’re a special part of your home that connect with the central theme of any farmhouse decorating — the love that ties families together.


Wooden Letters and Candles

Candles make every room more welcoming. They’ll look at home on your mantel alongside painted wooden letters that spell out seasonal phrases. For some inspiration, check out this guide on how to create your own unique twisted candles.


Chalkboard Backdrop and Fruit

Families with school-aged kids will love a chalkboard backdrop on their mantel. The kids can doodle on it with colorful chalk before placing it back between faux fruit arrangements.


Silver Vases and Florals

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The farmhouse trend embraces neutral florals, which look great in tall silver vases. The metal adds a unique texture to the room while the faded colors help the silver pop.


Embroidery Hoop Art

Embroidery hoops come in many sizes. They call back to the days of farmhouse crafting, but you can create other kinds of art with any sized hoops if you aren’t into needlework.


Wooden Spindles With a Sign

Wooden spindles have a natural texture that looks great with fireplaces. Stand them on either side of a decorative sign that has your favorite quote or a seasonal phrase.


Farmhouse Mantel Decor Ideas

Anyone can use these decorating ideas for their fireplace if they want more farmhouse mantel decor. You’ll effortlessly merge your new mantel design with the rest of your home.