Face Line Art Posters


La taille parfaite pour la plupart des motifs. C'est notre taille d'affiche la plus commune et nous imprimons votre conception sur un papier de qualité de musée de 180g.

Poids 1 kg
Dimensions ND

Paysage, Portrait



Je passe des commandes chez Mapiful depuis quelques années. J'ai toujours eu une excellente expérience. Le service clientèle va au-delà de ses responsabilités pour s'assurer que je suis satisfait de ma commande pour laquelle j'ai récemment fait une erreur. Je vous en suis très reconnaissant ! Un si bon produit. J'ai commencé un mur des "endroits où j'ai vécu ou voyagé" pour notre fils et il adore ces cadeaux.

L. Van Winkle


Y Vette L QB


How to personalize your Face Line Art Poster

Personalize your line face drawing with an array of customization options using our easy online tool. You can pick a specific size for your face outline art print, for example. Larger sizes are perfect for wide or large walls, while a smaller print is best for narrow and small surfaces.

Custom text is another fun way to personalize your single line face drawing. From quotes and lyrics to dates and names, there’s enough space to share the story behind your one line face drawing.

Our customization tool also makes it easy to pick a look that reflects your space or personality. There are diverse illustrations, from faces of animals to profiles of people’s faces. From floral designs to simple lines, pick a design that suits your decor. You can also pick a color you love or a font style that complements your interior design.

Give the perfect gift with Face Line Art Posters as a reminder of your most special moment

Surprise a loved one with a contemporary line art face poster. These beautiful designs are ideal gifts for any occasion. From Christmas to birthdays and anniversaries, use our custom options to add unique and personal touches like a loving messages or colors and styles that reflect your loved one’s personality.

Celebrate your partner’s beauty with a one line face drawing and floral accents for Valentine’s Day, for example. Or honor your mom on Mother’s Day with an abstract line art design of her favorite animal. With a wide selection of illustrations available, you will find the perfect design for your gift.

Inspirations for the title

  • My muse
  • The most beautiful person…
  • My world
  • Beautiful, in every way
  • Keep smiling

Why I’m in love with my Cat Face Line Drawing Poster

I love my cats. For Christmas, my best friend surprised me with a cat face line drawing. The custom line drawing face of a feline looks stunning, and it honors my passion for cats. The design is also modern and stylish, so it looks beautiful in my study. Best of all, the poster includes lyrics from my favorite musical about – you guessed it – cats.

– Casey

About Face Line Art Posters

Can I choose any illustration for my own line art poster?

Yes, we have a selection of line drawing face designs inspired by Scandinavian interior design trends.

Can I select my favorite color from my Face Line Art Posters?

Several colors are available, so pick your favorite for your abstract line art face poster.

Can I customize the appearance and style of my line art posters?

Yes, there are various style options for your single line face drawing. You can also pick colors and add text to customize your face outline art.

Can I choose a different size and orientation of my line art posters?

Yes, there are three sizes for your minimalist face drawing – 11 x 17″, 18 x 24″ and 24 x 36″ (30 x 40 cm, 70 x 100 cm and 50 x 70 cm). Your abstract face line art is also available as a portrait or landscape print.

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