First Kiss Star Map


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I tuoi poster sono prodotti in una località vicina a te. Questo consente tempi di spedizione più veloci, e più sostenibili, riducendo le emissioni di CO2 del 67%.

Semplice da personalizzare

Arte semplice da creare, dove tu sei il creatore!

Regali personalizzati

Ad alta qualità e stampati in base all’ordine, i nostri poster personalizzati rappresentano un regalo prezioso e duraturo.

Design Scandinavo

I nostri poster sono di qualità e si abbinano ad ogni interior, aggiungendo un tocco scandinavo alle tue pareti, senza bisogno di un esperto.


Verticale, Orizzontale


50x70cm, 30x40cm, 70x100cm, 11×17", 18×24", 24×36"



Ordino da Mapiful da alcuni anni. Ho sempre avuto un'ottima esperienza. Il servizio clienti va al di là delle proprie responsabilità per assicurarsi che fossi soddisfatto del mio ordine con il quale di recente ho commesso un errore. molto grato per questo!! Un ottimo prodotto. Ho iniziato un "luoghi in cui ho vissuto o viaggiato fino alle mura" per nostro figlio e lui adora questi regali

L. Van Winkle


Y Vette L QB


How to personalize your first kiss star map‏


‏When creating your first kiss star map poster, you have full use of our customization tool. This allows you to personalize your design in many ways, such as:‏


  • ‏Set the accurate star constellation of your first kiss by inputting the date and location of your special moment. To find the location, type in the name of the place and then select the correct option from the drop-down menu.‏


  • ‏Pick from one of our preset styles and color themes. You can also choose to display the constellations and the grid lines on the globe.‏


  • ‏Change any of the text fields. When you select your location and date, these details will automatically appear below the constellation. The system will also generate the coordinates. You can change any of these to make it more personal to you and your partner. ‏


  • ‏Choose the orientation and the poster size you would like. ‏


Give the perfect gift with a star map print of your first kiss as a reminder of your most special moment‏


‏Are you fed up with giving generic gifts every anniversary and Valentine’s Day? If so, a personalized first kiss star map makes a refreshingly unique gift. It’s suitable for all occasions too, including your anniversary, partner’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, or even as a special gift at Christmas.‏


‏A first kiss map is one of the most personal gifts you can give as the constellation is 100% unique to you. Offering a first kiss constellation print will show your partner how special they are to you. Placing it on your wall, shelf, or table, will serve as a daily reminder of your meaningful connection. ‏


‏Inspirations for the title‏


‏If you would like to change the title field on your first kiss map to something more unique, here are a few title ideas to inspire you.‏


  • ‏“Where it all began.”‏


  • ‏“The moment we became lovers.”‏


  • ‏“The moment our worlds changed”‏


  • ‏“When we fell in love.”‏


  • ‏“The beginning of our love story.”‏


  • ‏“Where our story started.”‏


‏The inspiration of Julia‏


‏“I wanted something special to gift my partner for our 5th anniversary. In particular, I wanted something to remind us both of where our story began. A first kiss star map print was exactly what I was looking for, and I was thrilled to be able to customize it fully. By editing the text and changing the design, I could make it super special to us. I found a color scheme that perfectly matched our bedroom and had the idea to hang it over our bed. Now every night we see it and are reminded of that special moment”.‏


‏About our first kiss star maps‏


‏Can I find any alignment in the world for my first kiss constellation?‏


‏Yes, wherever you were in the world when your first kiss happened, you’ll be able to find the location on our editor tool.‏


‏Can I change the labels on my first kiss star map poster?‏


‏Yes, you can edit and change all the labels.‏


‏Can I customize the appearance and style of my first kiss star map print?‏


‏Absolutely! You can choose between our selection of themes and color styles.‏


‏Can I change the size and orientation of my first kiss star map?‏


‏Yes, you can choose from three sizes: 30x40cm, 50x70cm, and 70x100cm. You can also choose between portrait and landscape orientation.

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