Star Map

Capture a moment in time with a stylish night sky poster from Mapiful. Celebrate, commemorate, or inspire with a uniquely designed night sky poster in your living room, bedroom, or office. Our accurate and easy customization tool lets you create a star or constellation map poster of a specific place or on an exact date.

How to choose your custom constellation map

Get a personalized constellation map to celebrate a birthday or another special occasion. You can buy a personalized star map that showcases the night sky on the same day you shared your first kiss or your wedding day!
With contemporary styles and plenty of personalization options, these beautiful night sky posters are unique gifts. You can also perfectly match your style and interior design when you create your contemporary or vintage constellation map. We have attractive colors, fonts, and designs to ensure your map goes well with any interior style. With over 100 ways to personalize your custom constellation map, these posters also complement any decor.

When designing your personalized star map print, you can pick from landscape or portrait styles. This lets you pick the best orientation to fit any space without overwhelming it. There are also different sizes that suit any space. Go bold with a large map on a feature wall or choose something small to stand on a desk or table.


How accurate are our star map prints?

You can align the stars on your map at a specific time or anywhere in the world. Buy constellation map posters and prints that accurately capture night sky on the precise date, time, and location you select. To get each map right, we use diverse sources to ensure your selection is accurate.

Our maps are created using data from reliable sources, including:

University of Strasbourg’s VizieR database, including astronomical catalogs and surveys like the HD-DM-GC-HR-HIP-Bayer-Flamsteed Cross Index, FK5-SAO-HD-Common Name Cross Index, General Catalogue of Variable Stars, and Preliminary Version of the Third Catalogue of Nearby Stars
Saguaro Astronomy Club Database
International Astronomical Union (IAU) Constellation page
Saguaro Astronomy Club Asterisms
SEDS USA’s Messier Objects with Data
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Keplerian Elements for Approximate Positions of the Major Planets
And more!


Personalize your star map print as a reminder of your most special moments

A custom constellation map is a fun and personal way to remember important dates, whether it is a birthday or an anniversary. They also make great mementos to recall specific moments, like your first date or the child’s birth. You can remember a day forever by choosing a night sky from a specific location and time with our customization tool.

There are wonderful colors and themes to choose from when you create your star map poster. Plus, you can add a personal message to make your night sky map truly one-of-a-kind. From names and dates to place names and quotes, the options are endless. Whether it’s something loving or inspiring, custom text lets you celebrate a memory or special person.


Why I’m in love with my star map poster

For my wedding anniversary, my husband surprised me with a personalized constellation map. At first, I was just excited at how stylish it looked. When I looked closer, I noticed the date and realized it was the night sky from our first date at Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Not only does the poster look beautiful, it’s a lovely reminder of our first date.
– Jenna


About your star map poster

Can I choose any location in the world and any date for my night sky poster?

Yes, you can pick a specific place, for example a city and country. You can also pick a date when you create your map.


Can I change the labels of my star constellation map?

Standard labels include the place and country plus date and coordinates. You can add any label and add personal text to your map.


Can I customize the appearance and style of my night sky map?

There are lots of ways to customize your map, including changing the style, font, and color. You can also add custom text.


Can I choose a different size and orientation of my personalized constellation map?

You can create maps in landscape or portrait orientations. There are also three sizes available (11×17”, 18×24”, and 24×36”).