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Mapiful is a super easy way to bring your favorite places into your home.

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About us

If travel, creativity, good vibes and letting loose sound like some of your loves in life then you may be in the right place! We all have those places that make us all warm and fuzzy when we think about them. The memories come flooding back and all of a sudden we’re there again, sipping a cocktail, wearing a huge pair of sunglasses (thinking we’re all fancy) surrounded by those we love. The idea behind Mapiful is to help re-ignite these feelings. We’re committed to making the creative process as easy and as fun as possible.

How does it work

Our editor transports you anywhere in the world (honestly!) & hands the design tools over to you. You’re in charge. We believe that creativity is an important part of how we all express ourselves and so we figured that creating a map of the places you love is a super personal experience and every last detail should be left to you. Zoom in and out, pick the color, style and type anything you want. You are the artist of your own adventures & special things should always come with free worldwide shipping, right?

Our story

Once upon a time in Stockholm, 4 friends sat in a coffee shop wondering how they can combine the freedom of design, the beauty of maps and the intelligence of technology into a fun experience. At first, we wanted to recreate the traditional board game ‘Snake’ sliding from country to country. Halfway through the process, we realized that the maps we designed deserves a spotlight all of their own, and shine in a frame on a wall! We had so much fun creating and experimenting with our editor that we had to share this with others. And like the rambling, passionate and overexcited people we are, Mapiful was shared with the world and to this day we love what we do!

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If anyone ever wants to give me a gift, visit the @mapiful site for ideas. WOW!