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Sustainability Matters


From our carefully selected and sustainably sourced paper and wood materials, to our local production facilities, we want to make sure that, little by little, the stories behind our products make them worthy of telling yours.

Reducing carbon emissions by up to 67%

Our production

We are by no means perfect yet, but working with 100 printing partners in 30 countries lets us produce your custom Mapifuls closer to you, in a more sustainable way.

Local production at the facility closest to you not only means that your one-of-a-kind prints arrive on your doorstep faster, but also cuts shipping distances by an average of 3445 km per order – the equivalent of the distance between London and Cairo.

Watch how we’re reducing carbon emissions by up to 67 percent per order.

Thoughtfully produced

Our Materials

Your custom Mapiful posters are thoughtfully printed on FSC-certified® paper, which guarantees that the paper is sustainably sourced, and meets the highest environmental standards.

Wood materials for our hangers and frames also meet FSC® standards. Learn more about the Forest Stewardship Council® here.

Read more about the quality of our materials, as well as caring for your Mapiful products here.

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