Atlanta Star Map Print

Decorate your space with our beautifully designed star map. Enter a date and location we can reflect the unique alignment of the sky with all the stars above us. Commemorate the day when you first met, the birth of a loved one, a wedding or whatever occasion you want to remember... You are unique, and so are the stars.


Portrait, Landscape


30x40cm, 50x70cm, 70x100cm, 11×17", 18×24", 24×36"

How to choose your Atlanta star map print


Create your Atlanta map poster in minutes by customizing its look and size. When choosing your star map print, consider where it might hang or stand. By thinking about style and dimensions, you will ensure your wall art inspires and excites you and others.


Our collection of contemporary and traditional designs lets you create modern and vintage Atlanta map posters of the night sky. When picking a style, choose something with a theme or look that reflects your interior design. You should also select colors that complement or match ones found in your existing décor. This helps create a coordinated feel in your space.


Your Atlanta map print should be appropriate for the space where it will hang or stand. A large poster is great for a wide wall but not for a space that is tight or limited. For narrow and small walls, opt for a smaller poster. Portraits also work well for narrower surfaces. We have three sizes in portrait and landscape formats so you can find the perfect fit.


How to personalize your Atlanta star map print


Personalizing your custom city map poster is easy with our editing tool. Pick a date and location for a tailored view of the night sky over the city. Then, add text or change the appearance of your unique Atlanta star map poster in a few simple steps.


Create a vintage Atlanta map of constellations with our Retro design or try the Modern or Dark themes from something more contemporary. Whether you like traditional or trendy, we have a striking design that will appeal to your unique tastes.


Add custom text to incorporate personal touches into your custom city map art. Your Atlanta star map print can include a touching message to a loved one or quotes and lyrics that inspire you. For a simpler look, add a date or name. Whatever you include, text helps you share more details about the meaning behind your custom city map prints.


Can I design a map poster of Atlanta for any special occasion?


Evoke memories of a special day or celebrate a milestone with a uniquely designed custom city map poster. Your Atlanta star map poster is the perfect gift for you or friends and family, and it allows you to showcase special ties to the city. From graduations to Christmas, any day is the right one to share this print with a loved one.


For birthdays, design a poster with the night sky over Atlanta when your special someone was born. For an anniversary or Valentine’s Day, create a star map from your wedding day or the night you shared your first kiss. Whatever the occasion, a personalized Atlanta map poster lets you celebrate with personal touches.


Why I’m in love with my Atlanta star map print


I remember being in Atlanta for the Opening Ceremony of the 1996 Summer Olympics. It was one of the best nights of my life and I never forgot that day. Recently, I designed a night sky poster of the stars over Atlanta on that special day. I love how it reminds me of that moment!

– Rebecca


About Atlanta


Which are the best spots in Atlanta for watching the stars?


In and around Atlanta, great places to watch the stars include:

  • Stone Mountain Park
  • Candler Park
  • Fernbank Science Center
  • Georgia Tech Observatory
  • Hard Labor Creek State Park


When can you see the shooting star showers from Atlanta?


The big three events are the Quadrantids in January, the Perseids in August and the Geminids in December. Remember that peak viewing times vary each year.


Which famous constellations can be seen in summer and winter in Atlanta?


Sagittarius, Aquilla, Cygnus and Lyra are prominent in the summer sky. During the winter, look for Gemini, Orion, Taurus and Auriga along with Canis Major and Canis Minor.


How do we create your star map of Atlanta?


Using GPS coordinates and historical positions of stars, we create accurate views of the night sky using reliable data from universities and other leading astronomy sources. Once you customize your Atlanta star map poster, we print it on quality paper for a premium finish that is durable.