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Top 5 Styling Tips For A Lively Home Bar

Want to upgrade your bar space? Here are 5 styling tips for a lively home bar to help you unwind with your favorite drink in style.

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Assess Your Drinking And Entertaining Habits

Doing up your home bar is easy if you are a solo or a restricted drinker. But when you have family and friends visiting you on most weekends or ceremonial occasions, the guest list is likely to expand. Your cocktail guests may have their likes and tastes between bourbon, Scotch, sake wine, or Irish whiskey.

Make a spirits and breweries list depending on the quality and quantity of your visitors. Keep in mind their age, gender, and preferences. You may have few drinkers with experimental tastes, while some like to stick to their traditional pints. Stockpile your home bar with everyday drinks and popular and expensive labels. Keep extras in case of sudden celebrations or more guests. 


Decide Your Bar Location

A drinking hole can find its rightful place in your home depending on the space, freedom, and limitations. While a single room suffices to accommodate your barware, a home bar built into a home theatre is an intelligent arrangement to combine two different spaces. The kitchen area may seem a precise location for a bar. However, you can try out your basement and recreation rooms.  

Reserving a corner spot for your bar or making it an integral part of your lounge also needs plumbing and power resources. Get the help of carpenters, plumbers, and electricians in your home bar construction and design.


Think Budget

Designing a customized bar needs carpentry skills but also a creative bent of mind. Whether you wish to adopt a retro look or a Pan-Asian appeal for your bar, get your design sensibilities in place. A small bar area can still look appealing with suitable material and design highlights.

If you are revamping your bar, get your clarities right on the new visual appeal. You can make your bar space get a bizarre appeal, but keep in mind the likely impact on other areas of your house. Restrict your bar’s modern look to one material, and it will still look appealing. Curves, cuts, and designs in building materials are endless. Let the master vision of your home bar help you close your budget.


Go Creative In Bar Design

Bold colors and playful themes can make your home bar stylish and statement-friendly. Graffiti on wall coverings, designer artworks and accents on walls, contemporary marble, textured bar cabinet, cone-shaped pendant light, contemporary chandelier, leaf-printed backsplash are few techniques to liven up your home bar.

Furniture and furnishings are pièce de résistance in a home to pub bars. Get a barn-inspired home bar comprising a chalkboard wall, a wood slab, and bar stool for a cave-like setting. You can install a bar cabinet with a wine rack, storage shelves, and a bar cooler completing the bar artistry for space constraints.

Tiles or stone for countertops and contrasting colors can enhance the sleek look of your bar station. Make your high stool design or plain bar stool match with the furniture theme of your dining area.


Mood Light Your Bar

Other tips for a lively home bar include lighting. Bright or poor lighting can hurt the alcohol lovers’ sentiment. LED light shelves interestingly display your liquor stock. Explore pendant lights, pin lights, wall sconces, stained glass lamps, recessed lighting, or cool ambient lighting to make your home bar look cozy and inviting.

While thinking about home bar lights, think of the installation possibilities and constraints. Fitting a subtle illumination or a large lighting fixture may require extra labor, so consider the compatibility factor and pricing too.

Final Thoughts

Having your home bar is exciting. Minimalistic bars are trending, and the kitchen and dining areas are the most desired spots for a home bar. Whether it is just one guest or ten people, a home bar is likely to spoil the décor with red wine or lime stains. That’s why you must emphasize most on installing durable materials like quartzite for uninterrupted joy.

You may get the best beers and mixing tools, but add a personal touch by putting some books or magazines, figurines, fruit bowls, flower vases, and artifacts in your home bar station. Put a modern painting on the wall as a décor accent and create a corner in the bar for your cozy moments.

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