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5 Thoughtful Summer Activities To Do With Your Kids

Have you been racking your brain trying to come up with new ways to keep your kids entertained this summer? Rack no further. We have created a list of five thoughtful summer activities to keep the littles ones busy whilst making some incredible memories!

Av Edvin Brobeck

Discover these Thoughtful Summer Activities that Make an Impact

At some point, every parent reaches the stage where the creativity well has run dry and coming up with ideas to keep the kids engaged becomes a difficult task. Recycling the same activities can become mundane for both parents and children, so why not try something a little bit out of the ordinary? 

We have put together a list of 5 thoughtful summer activities to do with your kids that will allow you to make unforgettable memories, as well as discovering something new and making an impact. 

Keep reading to unlock some summer inspiration!


Power in Diversity

girl and her mother baking

One of the most inspiring qualities of a child is their hunger to learn. This is why taking the opportunity to help them discover and appreciate aspects of different cultures is a wonderful way to get them interested in the world around them and prepare them to be an awesome member of society!  

Thoughtful summer activities like this can produce endless amounts of fun for both parents and kids, as you have the chance to get creative. You can explore different cultures by;

  • Cooking staple dishes 
  • Making artwork associated with cultures (Origami, Paper Mache)
  • Teaching them basic words in different languages 
  • Reading books about various cultures, ethnicities and abilities
  • Learning Sign Language together


 Every Blooming Thing

little boy in garden with a watering can

Gardening is one of the best ways to get a child interested in nature and help them to understand the ecosystem. Without a doubt, this will be one of the most thoughtful summer activities that you can participate in with your child. Not only does gardening allow them to discover new plants and grow their own flora, but the additional benefits for kids are endless. 

Allowing children to engage with natural elements such as soil and clay exposes them to microbes, which can work toward boosting their immune system and preventing some allergies. Gardening teaches children responsibility and the importance of nurturing the things that we care about in order for them to flourish. As well as this, it helps to develop their fine motor skills and improve their concentration.


Moments with Mapiful

modern street map poster of Cobham

What better way to maintain your child’s interest than by allowing them to create their own custom art piece? One of our favourite thoughtful summer activities this year is all about capturing the moments that are special to your family. 

Mapiful offers a range of products, from star maps and street maps, to zodiac prints and text art! This gives you the opportunity to really get creative with your personal pieces. Be it the moment your child was born, the location of your forever family home or one of your favourite holidays together, create the perfect visualisation with Mapiful.


Family Ties

children making art

If you are looking to partake in something creative with the kids, you should consider creating a family tree! 

Not only is this one of the most creative thoughtful summer activities that you can do this sunny season, but it is fantastic for childhood development. Discovering family connections and learning about the history that you come from is great for the growth of a child’s personal identity.

 Allowing your child to investigate that connection is an amazing way to teach them about the importance of family and how they came to be.


Helping Hands

two boys with a dog

If you are lucky enough to live in a location that is frequented by great weather, then you will probably be spending most of your time outdoors. This means that you can engage in some thoughtful summer activities with your kids by volunteering at local animal shelters.

Animal rescue centres love nothing more than to see new faces who want to get involved and help out, and this can be super beneficial for children. Not only does volunteering teach children invaluable lessons about the importance of taking care of those in need, but it also allows them to become part of a community. 

Taking a rescue dog for a walk in the park with your kids once a week is a fantastic way to make a positive impact this summer.


Thoughtful Summer Activities to Make an Impact On Your Kids

Undoubtedly, keeping children entertained and engaged can feel like a struggle. The pressure to constantly have a list of great ideas to keep them smiling can be overwhelming. 

However, it may be useful to take a step back, tap into our own inner child and break things down. These tiny humans thrive on encouragement and learning, be it riding a bike, planting a flower or creating their own piece of art.

 Although tantrums can cause some hiccups here and there, children have the ability to find joy in the most simple of things, as long as they have someone cheering them on in the background.