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5 Tips For Bright and Colorful Easter Interior

Looking for unique yet simple ways to decorate for Easter? Look no further! Follow our 5 tips for bright and colorful interior hacks!

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Go Bright Or Go Home

5 Tips For Bright and Colorful Easter Interior textart Mapiful
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Just joking, please stay! If you’re reading this, you probably just want to get started on your easter decoration, but you may also feel that you’re in need of some bright and colorful interior tips and unsure of where to start.

Begin by taking a look at the dark spaces of your home. How are your walls looking? What is the color of your furniture, curtains and lamps? To achieve a bright and clean interior try adding a creamy beige or white color to your walls, hang some colorful or neutral-toned wall art, add in some white or beige linen curtains and switch out your lamps to a yellow light rather than white light for a cozier vibe.

Add some greenery for a little life and of course, more mirrors on your walls to reflect light and to open things up! Finally, do yourself a favor and add some colorful candles around your home like on your coffee and dinner table. And if you’re feeling crafty – try creating your own twisted candles by hand!


Tulips, Tulips, Tulips

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Alright, let’s dive into some real bright and colorful Easter interior hacks! What says spring and easter more than tulips? I don’t know… tulips? Go fetch some tulips from your local market and spread them out in all rooms of your home.

This trick will really help to achieve that bright and colorful Easter interior feeling. If you don’t have enough vases, that is totally fine! Go for a rustic look and gather some of your serving bowls, glass container or a vintage milk canister and add some soil or simply some water and your tulips will feel right at home!

If fake flowers are more your jam and you feel like getting crafty with them, create a spring wreath to hang on your front door or to place in the center on your Easter table!


Easter Egg Décor

5 Tips For Bright and Colorful Easter Interior easter  decor DIY Mapiful

Have you always wanted to try and do something fun with your eggs? Well now is your time! If you’d rather buy faux eggs or vegan eggs, we say that’s a perfect alternative, you can find them at any craft store! You can either try coloring your eggs with vegetable dye or other natural ingredients for a colorful decoration!

A simple Easter décor idea to pick up some cherry blossom stems and hang some eggs with the use of some ribbon, this makes a lovely addition to your Easter décor. You can also try something a little out of the ordinary, like we did! Check out our tutorial on how to make bunny napkins with boiled eggs. They turned out adorable!


Easter Grass Display

5 Tips For Bright and Colorful Easter Interior egg grass

This is such a simple Easter décor hack but don’t be fooled! It will make a huge difference to your home. All you have to do is get some wheatgrass, which is usually available at any garden or flower shops. Bring it home and plant it in a vase, or alternatively, a serving bowl, milk glass vessel or a sugar dish and there you have it!

If you really want to hit that bright and colorful Easter interior feeling, place some card holders by tying a little card to each handle or simply add tiny faux eggs or some Easter candy!
(Warning: cuteness overload may occur)


Last But Not Least

5 Tips For Bright and Colorful Easter Interior table setting

To many of us, other than what food to prepare and serve, the most important part of Easter is setting the table and as we spend more or less the whole day eating and celebrating with our loved ones. A formal yet friendly table setting is our tip for this year!

Setting up your table in a restaurant style will give off an exclusive feeling but add warm and friendly elements like flowers, greenery stems, candles and personalized place cards! Pick one or two neutral colors and color-code your table cloth, napkins and ceramics!

Your flowers, greenery stems and candles will bring out the necessary colors to celebrate spring and Easter, a time of renewal and joy! Find more tips on bright and colorful Easter table décor here!

Have A Bright And Colorful Easter!

We hope you enjoyed reading our 5 tips for a bright and colorful Easter interior, now go try them out! And as always, remember to have fun doing it! We wish you all a happy Easter, from the Mapiful family, to yours.

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