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Coastal Home Makeover In Six Steps

Coastal decor allows you to bring all the best parts of the beach home with you. Be it the easy breezy vibes or the natural elements of the environment, you’re sure to feel perpetual relaxation with this interior approach. Check out how you can start your Coastal Home Makeover in 6 steps!

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The Perfect Coastal Home Makeover Made Simple

Coastal home decor is a niche interior style. Luckily, you don’t have to transform your entire home into a cosy shipwreck in order to take part!  Not to be confused with nautical, the entire purpose behind the coastal home approach is to embrace the natural elements of the beach – the breezy vibes, soft tones and dreamy, minimalist aesthetic. All of these details combined aim to bring about a sense of relaxation and allow you to introduce that beachy blissfulness into your living space.

If this seems like something that could be for you, read on to discover how you can kickstart your coastal boho makeover in six easy steps! 


One With Nature

modern street map poster of Bali with wooden frame

To begin the process of designing a coastal home, a focus should be placed on injecting natural elements into the decor.  We’re trying to avoid the distraction of flamboyant textures such as metallics and leather, and work more towards linen, wool and cotton materials.  

The main details that will be influenced by these materials will be pillows, throws, rugs, curtains and similar furnishings. Additionally, woven upholstery is worth considering if you are trying to achieve the ultimate cosy, boho beach atmosphere. 

An added bonus to a coastal home style is the fact that perfection is not the aim of the game. The more frayed and jagged edges the better. The most beautiful beaches in the world are not formed by clean lines and smooth finishes, so keep this in mind. 


Colors of the Coastal Rainbow

When we think of the beach, we immediately associate the landscape with two primary colours – beige and blue. These are the very colours that you should use as your guide when trying to decipher the colour scheme for your coastal boho haven. 

Neutral tones are best practice when it comes to coastal home decor,  so opt for crisp white, beige and warmer cream and tan palettes as your dominant colour. These shades are going to draw in the natural light of the space, which in turn is going to make the area feel bigger and more airy. 

When this has been decided, you can then begin to think of complimentary accent colours. Although classic navy is  popular, you can get creative by leaning toward greens like sea-foam, greys,  light blues such as sea-glass and yellows. 


Ship Up or Ship Out

grey line art with black frame

Have you heard of shiplap? This design concept involves installing wooden planks to your interior to create the perfect statement and fulfill the coastal home cottage fantasy. However, it’s a lot more interesting than it sounds!

Shiplap is a fantastic way of designing a statement wall, and fits great in either the living room, bathroom or bedroom. You can layer this statement piece by fashioning the timber in a herringbone shape as opposed to the more traditional horizontal and vertical approach. As well as this, shiplap is not tied to a single wooden tone, so you can really get creative with the colour scheme.


Wood You Consider This?

If you take a peek into any coastal inspired home, you will see wooden accents dotted all around the space. The idea behind the use of this material is aligned with the emphasis on the use of natural materials for coastal home decor

Similarly to the soft furnishings mentioned above, the accessories shouldn’t be effortlessly sleek and perfectly varnished. Instead, opt for the weathered or reclaimed look. Cabinets and coffee tables that have noticeable wood grains will add character to the piece. 

Upcycling is an amazing way to breathe new life into old and outdated furniture, all whilst creating a custom piece that is totally unique to your coastal home. For some more inspiration on how to approach upcycling, check out this Good Housekeeping guide


Minimalist Master

Nara street map of Cannes

As is with most things, minimalism is the way to go. And coastal home decor is no exception! Employing a minimalistic technique to your interior choices will naturally feed it into the coastal approach, as it will allow for less distraction and lead to more open spaces that mimic the airyness of the beach.

To achieve the perfect balance of minimalism and coziness, try ensuring that the items you add to your space are as functional as they are stylish. You have to be cut-throat with clutter. Similarly, you do not need to fill all of the empty areas – leave room in sections that catch the light the best as this will give the impression of a breezier, more open space.

Eliminating these distractions will allow you to add materials to your home that create an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort, such as natural material upholstery, greenery and other conscious elements.


Our new line of Mapiful Line Art is the perfect artistic addition to any home looking to practice minimalism, offering a range of different illustrations and options for personalization.



Although there is a significant importance placed on minimalism, that does not mean that we can’t have fun with the space. You can follow the minimalistic rule book to a tee and still make a statement within your home. One of the most effective ways to do so is my creating a statement wall using funky wallpaper. 

Your wallpaper of choice can be a complimentary, darker tone to your dominant neutral tones that adorn the walls.  It can be a scenic print of a beach setting, or a greenery design as seen here. The options are endless.


The Wrap on Coastal Home Decor

Pantone blue street map poster

Coastal home decor is one of the more accessible design approaches as it relies totally on simplicity and creating a relaxing environment. This means that the most important qualities of a home are aligned with characteristics of the interior design process – which always helps.

When trying to gather ideas for creating your perfect coastal boho living space, think about your favourite beach in the world, the aspects you love the most about that location and how you feel when you’re there. You can then replicate all these elements in your own unique way to create your personal coastal inspired haven.