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How to Create A Deeper Connection With Your Partner

Create a deeper and healthier connection with your partner and ask these six questions when communication falls flat. Warning: question six alone causes instant sparks to fly!

Av Edvin Brobeck

For some of you, living with your partner during the lockdown has been difficult and for others, seeing your partner has been nearly impossible. Perhaps, you feel more disconnected than ever and topics of conversation have been very repetitive or almost non-existent. You may wonder “with nothing happening in my life, what is there even to talk about?” With Valentine’s day around the corner, we want to raise awareness on a special topic – connecting and communication!

Psychologists and relationship experts claim that poor communication is one of the most common causes of break-ups. Yes, you may have heard this a thousand times, but it sure is worth remembering! So, how can you connect or, re-connect, with your partner this time of year? Firstly, it’s important that you both are on board with this… When you’re ready, let’s look at some meaningful questions that can help you and your partner connect.


What’s a story you’ve always wanted to tell, but never got a chance to?”

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This is a question that will give your significant other time to think of something they have always wanted to share but perhaps felt wasn’t important enough. But in this moment, let your partner know that they are heard. Travel back in time to find out something you never knew about them.

Tip: To feel extra connected, share with your partner something they never knew about you from time to time. There are always tons of new things to learn about your partner, so take the time to listen


“Has anything weird happened to you lately?”

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Modern life is often very busy, and it’s easy to find distractions or even to forget to share the small things we encounter in our daily lives. You or your partner might feel that these things aren’t worth mentioning, or perhaps you just forget about it. Well, now is your time! Remember, there’s no judgement. Sharing trivial or even significant events that you encounter in your day to day  can be great conversation starters, and will help with creating a deeper connection.


“What is a quality you admire in others?”

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Knowing which qualities and personality traits you and your partner admire in others and also in each other is something that can be very valuable to share. Knowing what your qualities are and hearing they are admired by others will help reinforce them and  push you to be the best version of yourself!


“What’s your favorite memory we’ve shared together? Give me as many details as possible.”

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In the age of Covid-19, taking the time to reminisce about beautiful memories you and your partner have shared is a sweet way to create connection with each other, and also the world around you. Go through photos and start creating a photo book! This may even be a good time to talk about things you would like to do together in the near future.

Tip: Check out some dreamy travel destinations, restaurants you would like to visit and activities you’ve always wanted to try out! 


“What do you hope to accomplish in the future?”

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When was the last time you sat down with your significant other and talked about future plans and goals? A way to connect with your partner just that little extra bit more is to ask what they would like to accomplish in terms of their personal development, their career and their relationships. This is an opportunity for you to listen and show that you respect and support your partners’ needs, which will make them feel loved and supported. Just what a well connected relationship needs!


“Is there something you feel our relationship is missing and is there anything we could do together to strengthen our relationship?”

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Last, but not least, here comes the big question! The important part here is that both individuals get the chance to express their feelings and opinions, one by one. This is not the time for submission, but for cooperation. This means that there is no right or wrong. If the question of what is missing in the relationship or what can be done to strengthen a relationship is addressed in time, you can avoid an accumulation of various issues over time. Listening to each other and working on solving any relevant issues together will do wonders for reaffirming your bond, strengthening your communication skills, and have you feeling more connected than ever.

Now that we’ve looked through some great questions, we hope you’ve reached the same conclusion as us! Asking questions about your partner and the state of your relationship can keep problems from building up and will help you maintain a healthy emotional connection!  

Strong relationships are built on understanding one another’s needs and emotions which are best gained through communication. To all the men reading this, here are some questions you should never ask your girl (don’t ask why). We wish you all a lovely and happy Valentine’s day!

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