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Plant Symbolism: The Secret Behind Different Flower Meanings

Our newest collection is inspired by the beauty of nature, and the flowers that adorn the landscape of the world around us. The beauty of flora lies within the symbolism attached to each family. Read on to discover the meaning behind the 5 flowers featured in our new range of line art.

Av Edvin Brobeck

The Wonderful World of Plant Symbolism

The world of plant symbolism is not only fascinating, but powerful. Every single flower that graces our planet has its own journey to embark upon – a transformation from single seed to blooming beauty. The meanings attached to each individual species of flora are just as inspiring.

 Continue reading to learn about the meanings behind our 5 featured flowers.


The Rose

rose flower line art

Although the rose is universally associated with love and romance, the plant symbolism associated with this flower goes much deeper.

In ancient times, a rose was a sign of confidentiality, with the flower being placed outside the door of a room where confidential matters were being discussed.  This is where the Latin term “sub rosa” originated from.


The Lily

lily flower line art

The flower meaning of the lily is based on the cycle of life and rebirth, with the connection originating from the story of Hera, Hercules and Zeus in Greek mythology. It is said that drops of Hera’s milk spilled to the ground and lilies grew in their place. 

Like most flowers, the lily has various meanings associated with each colour. These include;

  • purity (white)
  • prosperity (pink)
  • passion (red)
  • confidence (orange)
  • gratitude (yellow)


The Violet

violet flower line art

The violet, the official birth flower of those born in February,  is most commonly associated with modesty and humility. 

However, the plant symbolism behind this purple beauty runs deep, with connections running all the way back to Greek mythology. Additionally, this flower is attached to the history and traditions of Native American culture, with many legends believing that the violet is a child born of both the sky and the earth. 

This flower language lends itself to virtues of  harmony and balance.


The Lotus

lotus flower line art

Not only is this flower strikingly beautiful, it is powerfully significant for many Eastern cultures. In Egyptian culture, the lotus is representative of the universe, in Hinduism the flower is associated with the thrones of  gods and goddesses and Buddhist’s believe that the first steps that the Buddha took on earth created lotus blossoms.

Regarded as one of the most spiritually sacred  flowers, the lotus is saturated with deep plant symbolism and higher meaning.

The reason that the lotus has earned its connotation with divinity  is because it has one of the most enduring life-cycles of all the flowers on earth.


The Tulip

tulip flower line art

With origins in Central Asia, the flower meaning of the tulip is associated with a deep level of love and perfection. However, the tulip has a separate significance to the Turkish culture. The flower’s meaning of perfect love comes from the Persian and Turkish tales of the love between a prince named Farhad and a beautiful girl called Shirin. 

Much like the lily, each colour of the Tulip carries a separate meaning;

  • Perfect love (red)
  • Forgiveness (white)
  • Happiness (pink)
  • Royalty (purple)
  • Cheerfulness (yellow)


Flower Meanings Wrapped Up

Flowers are typically known for their beauty. However, they are multi-faceted creatures with their own journey to complete while earth side. It is only when we take a closer look at this species, we understand how closely aligned they are with us as humans.

As people, we have our own journey to take in order for us to blossom. As well as this, we have our own set of qualities and virtues that define us and that we aspire to.

This line art collection aims to remind you of both the beauty around you, and within.