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Spring Inspired: Mother’s Day Décor

Mother’s Day is right around the corner - From the natural to the DIY, we bring you 6 ways of creating a gorgeous Mother’s Day décor!

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Mother's Day Décor Mapiful Classic coffee flowers
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Of course, you probably saw this one coming, but it’s true! Flowers are a gorgeous, natural way to bring some color and nature into any space. You can find bouquets, arrangements and other accessories that incorporate flowers like garlands or even wearable flower crowns. When it comes to picking the specific flowers, some of the most popular Mother’s Day selections are tulips, roses, sunflowers and chrysanthemums.



Mother's Day Décor plants interior mapiful classic
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In addition to flowers, decorating with greenery is another way to bring in that earthy wow factor. Decorating with vines and garland can give any environment a fuller, more lively vibe that works perfectly with the positivity of Mother’s Day.

You can even bring in other earthy elements like wood, bamboo and natural pottery to complement the greenery you use.


Terrarium Candles

Mother's Day Décor candles wine cozy

Looking for a bit of lighting? If you want to keep with the theme of nature and warmth, terrarium candles can be a great way to bring in some of that inspiration.

They’re aesthetically pleasing, and the terrarium is also a great way to bring in a bit of extra safety and protection around real lit candles.


Thrifted China

Mother's Day Décor table food flowers starmap mapiful
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Looking to get a bit vintage? Why not go for some new cutlery, on a budget? The mismatched china trend is a great way to bring in light, vintage style on a budget. Go to the thrift store and see if you can find a few pieces that match just enough to be stylish. It’s a great way to decorate functionally and on a budget.

Floral Ice cubes

Mother's Day Décor ice cube flowers

Again, another functional décor tip. If you freeze your own ice cubes, try putting a few edible flowers and flower petals into the tray before you freeze your ice. When they’re done, you’ll have a beautiful accessory to put in any drink at your table.

Just make sure that whatever flowers you choose are edible for health and safety reasons.


Photo Walls

Mother's Day Décor Mapiful Classic Gallery Wall
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If you’re hanging out inside — or even in a transition space — a photo wall or collage can be the ultimate personal touch to your Mother’s Day celebration.

Include an array of memories of years before. Not only can you personalize your choices with this décor idea, but you can even make it long-lasting so your mom can take it with her!

Mother’s Day Décor

Between springtime and Mother’s Day, positivity is in the air. However you choose to decorate for your time together, it’s really about the love you share and the memories you make together.

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