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7 Stunning Minimalist Apartment Ideas

Creating the perfect home sanctuary can be difficult, especially if you are working with limited space. Luckily, we are here to help! Check out these 5 stunning ideas on how to create a minimalist apartment. Article by Lianna Arakelyan

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The Beauty Of Minimal Living

It is said that your apartment should be your safe haven, the place you come back to after a long day, and somewhere you go when you need to escape the hustle and bustle of life. Therefore, having a home full of clutter with little space to move around may make it hard for you to relax.

If you think that your apartment is a bit too crowded with clutter and very little space to work with, you may need to consider adopting a minimalist lifestyle. A simple, minimalistic apartment is the best way to create more living space while reducing clutter around your home.

A home with minimal clutter and more space means that you spend less time cleaning and organizing, which equals reduced stress. Here are 5 fantastic minimalist apartment ideas to get inspired.


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The entryway says a lot about your home. It is the first point of contact your guests have with your living space and it communicates your preferred type of interior décor and style.

As the first impression, it matters when you are trying to adopt a minimalistic living. The best minimalist entryway is one that is clean and simple. Every time you step into your home, the entry should make you feel like they are stepping into an open home that is tidy, uncluttered, and neat.

Natural lighting is everything when it comes to your entryway. Even for a small apartment, good lighting makes the space look and feel bigger. This can be achieved using white walls, and large wall mirrors to make your entryway illuminated and visible.


Artsy, Cozy and Quiet

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Having a quiet room that is cozy and artsy is an important aspect of creating a minimalist apartment interior design. The quiet room can be your bedroom or any other unused space in the house.

The key to creating a minimalistic quiet room in your home is to use bright shades for the furniture according to minimalistic principles. These can include hues of white and beige, neutral black and gray palettes.Bare wall spaces are also excellent for quiet rooms as they give the space a clean, streamlined, and stress-free feel.

While you can add some décor on some of the wall spaces, the artwork you use should match the room’s aura.


Creating a Mapiful Poster

line art poster of a leaf

Part of creating a personalized minimalistic apartment is using décor that presents who you are and what you like without filling it up with clutter. Mapiful posters are excellent ways of celebrating the most meaningful moments in your life. Mapiful allows you to customize your wall art to meet your designing goals. 

For a minimalistic apartment, you can create bright-colored posters for your gallery wall. The handpicked collection of bespoke Mapiful Line Art prints inspired by the things that matter most in life, will give your space a trendy and minimalistic atmosphere.


Light-Soaked Minimalist Living Room

plain living room

Part of creating an apartment minimalist interior includes having a well-lit living room. To add a major statement to your living space, you need to go oversize when it comes to your lighting fixtures. You can include a bright color chandelier that will hang over a room with plenty of bright décor.

Your living room décor should consist of neutral but bright colors that reflect natural lighting in the room.

White walls, large windows, and bright colored curtains or blinds are ideal for ensuring your living room gets enough natural lighting during the day and is well lit from your lighting fixtures at night.

You can also help light to bounce throughout the room using neutral-colored, large wall mirrors. If you have bright-colored walls, you can opt for a darker-colored mirror frame to bring contrast. You can accentuate the mirror frame using throw pillows for your sofa to carry the theme around your living space.


Playing With Proportions

hallway and chair

Paying attention to proportions is an excellent way of ensuring you get the most of every usable space in your apartment. Using negative spaces in your apartment is one of the best ways to accentuate different decors in your home.

You can create clear paths throughout your apartment with negative spaces, making it possible for your guests to navigate the space with ease. Including the right amount of negative space in your minimalist interior décor allows your aesthetics to take center stage.


Include a Fireplace

livingroom and fireplace

Another ideal way of playing with proportions for your minimalistic apartment is to include a fireplace for your space, ideally in the living room.

A fireplace gives the room a clean-lines aesthetic finish that creates warmth and is visually appealing. A fireplace is also an ideal way of bringing life to a negative space.


Art Gallery Wall

living room gallery wall
Custom Text Art Mapiful poster – Modern Style

While it may seem you are going against the rules of minimalistic living when you include art on your walls, designing the space to give an art gallery feel is ideal for playing with room proportionality.

Using posters on your walls is especially ideal if you have large rooms with too much bare wall space. The idea of creating the perfect art space in your home is to ensure you do not overdo it. A gallery wall is an excellent way to showcase what you like.

For a minimalistic look, you need to maintain the colors on your posters to a neutral shade to blend with the rest of the room décor. This would be the perfect place to place your Mapiful posters.

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Words by Lianna Arakelyan

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The Wrap on Minimalist Apartment Ideas

Giving your apartment a minimalist redo is the best way to incorporate modern interior décor into a relaxed atmosphere. From lighting to décor and colors to spaces, the ideas in this article can help you give your apartment a minimalistic revamp.