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How To Create A Dreamy Gallery Wall

Our featured creator @nikeydauringon shares her favourite ideas for creating a gallery wall in her bedroom. Find out how you can create an atmosphere that makes you feel like coming home every time you step into your room

By Edvin Brobeck

Creating a gallery wall

My bedroom is my happy place. It’s where I am able to relax, wind down and recharge. I always tried to design my room in a way that it would reflect my personality and become a space that screams my name.

My favorite waste of time is spending hours decorating and rearranging my room, somehow it’s the best kind of self-care for me. I want to share some of my favourite ideas for creating an atmosphere that makes you feel like coming home every time you step into your room – just by decorating your walls.


Use your wall as your diary

mapiful mentions @nikeyduaringon's gallery wall

People always ask me where I get all my pictures and cards from. The answer to that is mostly: My life. I love collecting polaroid pictures of me and my friends, postcards I got throughout the years, little drawings that my loved ones made and that I got to keep.

Sometimes I also hang up train or cinema tickets and am reminded of the events everytime I look at them. This way I am surrounded by my favourite memories and feelings all the time and can always feel the love of my favorite people, even when I am home alone.


Bring nature into your home

natural gallery wall

Connecting with nature is one of my favorite ways of grounding myself. That’s why it’s important to me to include greens and flowers into my home – not only to have living things by my side that I can take care of, but also to feel the presence of nature even when I am inside.

One of my favourite things to do is drying flowers, which I mostly get as a gifts and have kept in water for a couple of days before beginning the drying process. Sometimes I also decide to put some random things I found on walks onto my wall, like tree branches, autumn leaves or rosehips.

Star Mapiful lets you create a poster of the alignment of the stars and constellations from any given location on any given date, so you can quite literally get what was written in the stars framed on your wall.


Do it yourself!

bedroom gallery wall

One of the best feelings is using a lot of your free time to craft something and then be incredibly proud of yourself. I love seeing my homemade decorations in my room, since they always manage to lift me up whenever I look at them.

Also it’s something to really get lost in, sitting and creating, losing track of time. For example, I like to cut out stars and decorate my wall with them – also I recently attached dried flowers to a hazelnut branch, which looks so cool!


Take your time

@nikeydayuringon decorating her walls with a gallery wall
Custom Text Art Mapiful poster – Modern Style

You don’t need to order expensive posters and cards online, when you can literally get them everywhere – you just need time and an open eye!

I love browsing through little concept stores and book shops, where I often stumble across the prettiest illustrations. Also, I always visit museum shops after looking at expositions, because this way I can get high quality artwork prints for my room – like my Alfons Mucha poster.

And because I often get asked how I put everything up without damaging my wall: I’d recommend using a really good washi tape, like the ones from mt – they really do wonders.


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