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How to Style an Instagram-worthy Coffee Table

Try using the following tips for making over your coffee table decor into something truly like-worthy! The perfect mini-project for any weekend spent indoors.

Af Edvin Brobeck

Style an Instagram-worthy Coffee Table In Four Steps

Whether it stands proudly in the center of your rug, or stays snuggled behind the arm of your sofa, your coffee table is probably one of the focal points of your main living space. Instead of letting it gather dust by piling it high with empty cups and magazine stacks, try using the following tips for how to style an Instragram-worthy coffee table decor that is truly like-worthy!  

Read on to discover why this is the perfect mini-project for any weekend spent indoors, and see how easy it is to do yourself!


Start With Some Structure

How to Style an Instagram-worthy Coffee Table structure
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Clean off your table, wipe down the coffee stains, and start fresh! Once you can see the space that you’re working with, it will be easier to visualize your dream coffee table set up. 

Starting with some items that give your table a sense of structure is a great way to begin. Pick out marble or wooden trays, intriguing bowls or add a vase.

They can act as your layout, and help you plan the rest of your coffee table decor, whether it’s big, or small!

Pro Tip: These trays can also cradle your controllers, hand creams, and other bits and bobs so that you can beat the clutter and start with a clean slate!


Layer Up Your Coffee Table

How to Style an Instagram-worthy Coffee Table layer up
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Next step, start to fill up your layout! To style your Instagram-worthy coffee table – add flowers to your vase, incorporate some personal decor pieces, or buy some scented candles to add a cosy feel and to freshen up your space. Put those bowls or trays to good use by stacking them up like your own piece of art, or use them to serve chips or candy.

A classic coffee table tip is to pile up some interesting books. We’d recommend going easy on this though, as they can add more clutter than cleanliness and can attract dust – at least remember to clean them whenever you can! 

Finally, you could even use a two-tier coffee table, or pair two smaller tables that can fit underneath each other to add another element of interest, and to naturally draw the eye across the whole area.


Add Something Unexpected

How to Style an Instagram-worthy Coffee Table plant candle
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A fun tip is to include one thing on your coffee table that makes your guests go ‘-ooh’!

Small decor pieces that have an extremely personal meaning to you, are unlikely, or interactive in some way, are all good choices, as they tend to be real conversation starters!

Think along the lines of small sculptures, family heirlooms, and small terrariums or unusual plants. How about adding a tiny tabletop board game? Sometimes we need fun and games too! You could also make it a seasonal piece, like this super cute baby pumpkin by @realkayls.


Build a Balancing Act

How to Style an Instagram-worthy Coffee Table street map Mapiful
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Your coffee table can complement your overall color scheme, or you can style your coffee table in its own scheme of hues and strike a fine balance between the different parts of your room. 

Spend a moment thinking about where you situate your table. You can keep it asymmetric with the living room, or in line with a piece of furniture. This placement can change the whole feel of your room, so it’s best to go with whatever feels organic to you here! 

Our final tip; remember to leave some open space on your table! You need somewhere for coffee cups and tired feet to rest on occasionally, right?

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Pro Tip: If your furniture is heavy, go light on your coffee table! Pair it down to just one eye-catching central piece of decor, and let your soft furnishings and rugs do most of the talking.