Design • 21 september, 2020 • 5 min læsning

Meet the Creator: 10 Questions with YouMakeFashion

Get to know Margot, creator of our Gaïa Conscious Collection. See her mid-century interior color palette, peek at her favorite corner of her home, and discover the reason why the environmental cause is so important to her.

Af Edvin Brobeck

Meet the Creator: 10 Quick Questions with Margot (YouMakeFashion)

Get to know Margot from YouMakeFashion, creator of the Mapiful Gaïa Conscious Collection, which consists of three mid-century style customizable prints, designed with the earth in mind.

Learn how Margot puts together her Mid-Century interior color palette, see her absolute favorite corner of her home, and discover the reason why the environmental cause and creating a conscious collection is so important to her.


Who is YouMakeFashion?

Margot YouMakefashion playing in the waves

Three words that describe you?

Happy, hyperactive and spiritual.

Three values that are essential to you?

Honesty, authenticity and passion.

A picture that represents you the best?

This one of me in the waves!


YouMakeFashion: What’s inside her home?

YouMakefashion's home interior

What is your ideal interior color palette?

Mustard, beige and pink, and terracota…

Which interior style do you identify with the most?

Mid century.

Mid-Century interior design is defined by clean, minimalist aesthetic, angular lines, an emphasis on outdoor and earthy tones.

Show us your favourite corner of your home!

This one, featuring my cat!


Mapiful: The Collaboration

The Gaia Conscious collection, Mapiful eco friendly

Why is the environmental cause so important to you?

Because only we can act to help the planet in the biggest emergency she ever faced.

Beach, mountain or countryside?

Beach for sure!

Find out more about Margot’s chosen charity, the Surfrider Foundation, here.

In which natural environment do you feel the best?

Playing in the waves…

Which Mapiful values do you identify with the most? 

The personalization aspect, to create a physical memory you can keep, and the fact that you have a conscious production.

Which aspect of this collaboration do you love the most?

To be able to create a personalized souvenir … that will be in my readers homes!

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