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Mid-Century Modern Interior Spotlight: 3 Things You Should Know

Learn the surprising origins of the Mid-Century Modern interior, and see how to nail the look in your own home. It’s easier than you'd think!

By Edvin Brobeck

Mid-Century Modern Interior Guide

How much do you know about the Mid-Century Modern interior?  This sleek retro style has more to it than just beauty. Read on to learn our 3 tried and tested secrets behind the style, from the surprising historical origins of the look, to seeing how to nail the Mid-Century modern look in your own home.


Meet Mid-Century Modern

Chair Mid-Century Modern Interior mirror

The style was born in the 50’s and 60’s out of the backdrop of WW2, and grabbed the world’s attention through a combination of avant-garde traditional and sleek and experimental modern design.

In was an exciting contrast to the frugality of wartime living, and people haven’t stopped talking about it since.

It favors a clean, minimalist aesthetic, angular lines, and an emphasis on outdoor and earthy tones.

Not only is it timeless, but it is also fresh and energetic, a combination of comfort and functionality wrapped up in a package that never goes out of style. Also, did someone say perfect for fall?


Why You’ll Love It

Mid-Century Modern Interior couch carpet

It’s super functional! There is an air of practicality and comfort about the Mid-Century Modern interior that can’t be beaten. 

It’s great for those who are dreaming about adding a touch of vintage and retro to their homes, without going overboard. In other words, it stays classy.

It’s really balanced. It’s not as restricting as minimalist styling, and gives you the freedom to create an eclectic vibe that really suits you.


How You’ll Style It

Mid-Century Modern Interior

Sleek Functionality

Low slung furnishings give a relaxed look, so keep a low profile when choosing seating, tables and dressers. All of these will help to achieve a comfy feel, especially combined with the ergonomically designed shape-hugging and swivel chairs. Also, as well as being functional, this style stays on the side of being stylistically clean.

The most trademark looks when it comes to Mid-Century Modern are tapered legs, gentle curves, and structured sofas.

Metal and Wood

Juxtaposition is the keyword here. Earthy tones and mixtures of traditional and non-traditional materials let you bring a timeless and often rustic feel to your space. You can also use exposed brick to tie everything together and bring the outside in. Buying vintage furniture is a great way to ensure that you incorporate these beautiful materials into your decor, whilst also being kind to the earth, but if you do buy new, usually just one styled piece will help set the Mid-Century Modern tone completely.

Mid-Century Modern Interior Gaia Mapiful Posters
Custom Mapiful poster wall – Gaia Style

Colors and Patterns

However, the goal of mid-century is also to provide a place to cozy up, without sacrificing style. When it comes to color, you can just about make anything work in this type of interior, but warm brown tones, pumpkin oranges, and smokey greys work especially well. When it comes to highlights, try using trendy yellow mustard to give a vintage feel.

When it comes to adding patterns, taking a more graphic approach is common. Mid-Century style lets you select retro patterns to brighten up your space. Select patterned cushions or rugs to elevate your space, and add a pop to all the retro, but avoid overdoing it by sticking to a simple color palette.

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