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6 Food and Wine Pairings to Impress Your Mom

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to start planning a menu just for mama. Get ready to impress her with these fab food and wine pairings!

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Burrata with Prosciutto and Rose

modern map poster of saint-quen, france
Modern map poster of Saint-quen, France

A bottle of crisp, dry rose is perfect for summer evenings and cocktail hour on the patio. A bottle with bright notes of citrus, melon and strawberry pair especially well with meat and cheese charcuterie boards. However, if you’d like to surprise mom with something a little more filling, whip up some Burrato prosciutto crostini. The soft, creamy Italian cheese will balance out the rose’s refreshing acidity and vibrant flavors. 


Calamari and Sauvignon Blanc 

Chopped salads with tart vinaigrettes often pair nicely with sauvignon blanc. However, if you’re feeling more ambitious in the kitchen this Mother’s Day, try frying up a batch of calamari to serve with this crisp, zesty wine. Add a drizzle of sweet chile sauce to this dish to add a bit of zing to this lovely pairing. 


Mushroom Pizza and Pinot Noir

Does your mom have an affinity for mushrooms? Whip up a few mushroom pizzas for the whole family. The umami taste of the mushrooms and creaminess of the cheese pair perfectly with pinot noir. Choose a light-bodied variety with a savory mouthfeel to best complement the pies and tease out the earthy flavors of the fungi. 


Sushi and Chardonnay

Modern map poster of Darmstadt, Germany accompanying food and wine pairings
Modern map poster of Darmstadt, Germany

If you aren’t sure which wine is mom’s favorite, opt for chardonnay, the wine of choice for half of all Americans. There are two different styles of chardonnay: oaked and unoaked. The former is creamy and rich while the latter is generally more minerally and dry. In most cases, an unoaked variety will pair quite nicely with sushi, especially if you use light, lean cuts of fish. Choose an equally light unoaked variety like Chablis to serve alongside your sashimi, nigiri or maki.


Roasted Duck and Merlot

Are you really looking to impress your mom this May? A fancy meal of roasted duck is sure to do the trick. This gamey-tasting meat has a fatty mouthfeel that lends itself well to wines with a soft finish, like merlot. This red wine has smooth tannins that make for easy drinking, especially while eating more flavorful dishes like roasted duck. 


Apple Pie and Sweet Riesling

Modern map poster of Edinburgh, United Kingdom accompanying food and wine pairings
Modern map poster of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Riesling is an outgoing, food-friendly wine with zippy acidity and a fresh finish. Because of its food-friendly character, this variety can accommodate an impressive spectrum of dishes, including desserts. Thus, if your mom is a fan of apple pie, you’re both in luck. This sweet treat pairs perfectly with the light-bodied taste of sweet rieslings. So get to baking, then sip away. 

Celebrating Mom

When it comes to toasting your mama, any wine will do. However, if you want to impress her with some sommelier know-how, the above food and wine pairings are sure to please. Cheers!

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