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Mother’s Day Carrot Cake: Easy Cake Recipe For Mom

She's cooked for you more times than you can count. Now it's time to return the favour! Make her smile this Mother's Day by hopping into the kitchen and baking her this sweet cake. It's super easy, too.

By Edvin Brobeck

Mother’s Day Carrot Cake: Easy Cake Recipe For Mom

Think back to all those times your mom has cooked for you – it’s time to return the favour with this easy Mother’s Day Carrot Cake! Make her smile by getting busy in the kitchen and surprising her with this sweet Mother’s Day cake recipe. It’s fluffy, full of flavour and smothered with icing. Did we mention that it’s super easy to bake, too?

Mother's Day Carrot Cake with a slice cut out of it

Mother’s Day Carrot Cake: Ingredients

To make this simple six-step Mother’s Day Carrot Cake, you’ll need:

For The Cake

A 23 cm cake tin
150 g of grated carrots 
200 g of all-purpose flour
200 g of sugar
200 g of vegetable oil
4 large eggs
100 g of raisins
100 g of walnut
10 g of baking powder
0.5 tsp of ground cinnamon
A pinch of nutmeg

For the Syrup

200 g icing sugar
Orange juice

For the Icing

200g of Philadelphia cheese
100g of heavy cream
100 g of icing sugar

Mother's Day Carrot Cake ingredients laid out on a table


Mother’s Day Carrot Cake: Method

Cake recipe step one

1. Break the eggs into a bowl, add sugar and mix it until starts to look fluffy. 

This will take about four 4 minutes by hand, with a big whisk.

2. Add 2 spoons of oil to the eggs and sugar, mix it again with a whisk.

Egg being whisked for a cake recipe

3. Add carrots and raisins to the eggs and sugar.

You can mix these first in a blender to give a smoother batter, but this is optional.

Add cinnamon, nutmeg and salt to the bowl as well.

Whisk together carefully.

Flour being scooped

4. Add the baking powder to the flour, mix, and then add the flour to the liquid ingredients.

Pro tip! Remember to mix the flour well so that lumps do not form.

Cake recipe step four

5. Cover the bottom of the form with baking parchment. Measure it out, and if needed, cut into a round to cover the entire shape of the baking form.

Add nuts to the dough, mix, pour the dough into the mold and send it to the oven 180 degrees and 45-55 minutes.

Psst! Cooking times depend on your oven. Make sure to check your cake as it cooks!

6. Check if your cake is readу with a skewer. It should come out of the center of the cake dry.

Let the cake cool for a couple of minutes.


Mother’s Day Cake Recipe Syrup: Method

Mother's Day Carrot Cake Easy Syrup Recipe

Sweet! It’s time to add the syrup.

1. Mix the juice of half an orange with 100 g of icing sugar.

2. Pierce the whole cake with a skewer and cover with orange syrup, it should flow evenly and thickly inside the cake, so it will be as moist as possible. 

3. Leave the cake to cool completely for 20 minutes.


Mother’s Day Carrot Cake Icing: Method

Mother's Day Carrot Cake Easy Icing Recipe

Making icing for your cake is super simple, using the cream cheese method! Let us explain…

1. Beat together 100g of heavy cream, 200g of Philadelphia, powdered sugar and vanilla extract.

Don’t over whisk the mixture, it should be thick and smooth enough to just run off your spoon.

2. Check that the cake is cooled, then cover the cake with the icing.

Make sure the cake is evenly covered. If the cake is still warm, the mixture may start to run off the cake.

The Final Word on our Mother’s Day Recipe

And there you have it; a simple Mother’s Day Recipe. Don’t forget to snap a picture of your mom’s reaction when you surprise her with this beauty, and share it with us on Instagram!

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