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Finding Peace And Quiet In A Loud Home As A Parent

The outside world is constantly buzzing, oozing with life and technology intertwined. Since there is no off button for that, you probably find yourself waiting to get home as soon as possible. But what if the noise doesn’t stop there?

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Finding A Balance

Our world is a very noisy one. All that unwanted noise from cars, different conversations lingering in the air, music from restaurants, other machines… No wonder there is a little something called noise pollution that affects us on a whole different level, and we are probably ignoring all of the symptoms. And finding peace and quiet in a loud home can be difficult as well.

We are rushing, running, living in the fast lane, and home is the place where all that rush stops for a second. That precious second when your world quiets down, and your thoughts take over. But then you get unpleasantly surprised that the stress is still happening. 

All your family members, especially if you have small kids, have their own routines, and they clash with your time to rest in the noisiest crescendo.


How to thrive if you work from home and you have a noisy household?

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Your home is a place with an atmosphere that you love. Your home scent makes you feel warm and comfortable, the smell of someone in your home cooking a freshly cooked meal brings joy to your day, and the overall homely feeling makes your house feel like your perfect place

With all the changes we experienced during the pandemic, your feeling of being home might have changed a bit. Work from home has become our reality, and you might be struggling to find a balance between family and work life. This is especially the case when you live in a noisy house. You probably found yourself juggling the responsibilities of being a fantastic parent and being a productive worker.


It is hard to balance when your workplace and home are separate, but when it is all concentrated in one place, it can get stressful and noisy.

When your kids are little, you don’t want to miss all these precious moments while growing up. For them, you will always be the parent first. They don’t get why it is so important to have important meetings. They will try to grab your attention. 

They will want to cuddle when it’s not the right time. Yet, the solution lies in this combination – setting the home office, setting the boundaries, asking for help, and of course, proper time management.


Setting up your home office

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Having your home office is not a luxury anymore. It is important to have your own four walls when you can have your time to be productive. If your kids are old enough to understand that you love them and want to provide them with a safe and secure childhood, explain to them, you need to have time for yourself. While you are there, they can enjoy their free time. 

If you have a baby, there are also ways to set everything and hold an important meeting – set up the standing desk. Carriers are also very practical. You can have your hands free for multitasking while your infant is resting. You will need to work around their sleep schedule or get help from your partner or a nanny. This might seem like a nightmare, but it is a reality for many parents today.

Kids can play outside, do their chores, and enjoy their routine. To avoid conflicts if they get too loud and help you avoid losing your temper, the easiest thing you can do is soundproof your room. The ways are numerous – you can use acoustic panels on the walls, you can install a soundproof door, put the curtains on the windows, and even install a heavier carpet. 

This will absorb all the excess noise. If you don’t have a room for yourself – make a corner in your bedroom or a living room. Investing in fold table and noise-canceling headphones can be a lifesaver in situations like these.


Time Management

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Of course, sometimes it’s not just about your work. Sometimes you need to clear your mind and do the stuff that you enjoy. Remember that kids want happy parents, and your partner wants a healthy and happy significant other. Workaround your schedule and stick to your priorities. You can cook and clean for your family all the time, but you can lose your precious time doing such menial tasks. At the end of the day, you will feel tired and disappointed. 

Solution? Get up earlier.

We are not in Robin Sharma’s club of people waking up at 5 am, but waking before everyone else can do magic for you. Enjoy that warm cup of coffee in the morning or answer that email. Prepare breakfast without any rush and just enjoy quiet time.

If you are not an early bird but a night owl, you can have your own time at night. You can sit with your favorite book and enjoy, do some laundry, prep lunch for the next day, or do whatever you want to do while your angels are dreaming sweet dreams. 

During the day, it is okay to take a break from your work. Let your kids do what they like, play outside. Or the contrary – teach them that there needs to be a quiet hour when they can read or draw. 

It will energize you enough to continue with your work by doing what you like in the meantime.


Setting up boundaries that they can understand

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Being a parent is never easy because kids can sense even the slightest change in your behavior and feel insecure about it. Yes, if you are having a bad day at work and you know that is why they might not and jump to other reasons why you are unhappy. Set the boundaries right in time – if they are old enough to understand, set the stop sign on your home office door. 

Also, they need to understand that you are an adult with needs. You love your family unconditionally, but it doesn’t mean that you stop existing there. 

You don’t want to get stressed about the excessive noise, and you want to have your own time. It is not selfish. It is called self-care. If the outside world is noisy already, it doesn’t mean that your home needs to resonate with it. Everything is about respecting the boundaries, understanding, and mutual agreement.

Stacey Shannon

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Stacey is a freelance writer living in Minnesota with her cat, and she’s passionate about yoga, languages, home improvement, and drinking strong coffee.

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