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Spring Cleaning Checklist: Organizing Your Home For Spring

Our spring cleaning checklist is here to help you feel calm and accomplish your goals. Find out how to clean your home with some spring cleaning tips and home organization ideas for spring.

By Edvin Brobeck


 Make a list

You can either make a list on paper or on your phone. Create a checklist or you can download ours to be even more efficient.

To create your checklist, go room by room and select the category of items that are cluttered. Make a list of all categories and leave space on your sheet in order to add subcategories if needed. It is better to declutter by categories and not by room but do what seems to be easier for you. We explain everything in detail a little later in the blog! 

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do not stress yourself out by wanting to do everything in one day and being discouraged by not being able to do so! Each and every step is important, it’s the journey that matters. 

Little tip: If your checklist is the length of your whole arm and you don’t want to spend a whole day cleaning, don’t worry, we’ve got you! All you have to do is to create an alarm everyday with a 15 minutes timer. 15 minutes doesn’t seem very long, and that way you are more inclined to spend that time accomplishing your tasks. Taking a little step everyday will make a big difference in the long run! 


Having a look at what we have

Our spring cleaning checklist has a strong focus on declutter. Decluttering your environment is really important in order to have a clean space and has many benefits, both for the mind but also the general vibe of your home! 

Many of these benefits are mental health related. An uncluttered space reduces stress and anxiety by helping you focus entirely on the task you have to do, it makes you move and you gain a sense of control over what forms your environment. 

It boosts productivity and creativity by not thinking of the clutter, so your ability to focus increases and you’ll find it easier to get more inspiration. 

Keeping track of what you have also enables you to save money in the long run by acknowledging and appreciating more of what you have.

As Marie Kondo taught us, the first step is to organize the clutter by categories. For example you can start with the category of clothes, then move on to books etc.… 

The most important thing is to put everything in a big pile on the bed or the floor so that you can visualize everything you have. It can be really useful to divide big categories into smaller ones when you don’t know where to start. For the example of clothes, you could have a subcategory 1: Tops; Subcategory 2: bottoms…


Choose what to keep and what to give away

Are you able to get rid of things easily? If not, in order to make a difference between what is worth keeping and what is not, you can ask yourself two questions: 

1. Does it fit me (when it is related to clothes)?

2. Does it spark joy i.e. makes you happy, gives you a positive feeling, a good vibe when you hold it in your hands?

Little tip: If you’re considering decluttering in the long run and you have your clothes on hangers, put all of the hangers on the same side and once you use a piece of clothing change side. This is giving you daily proof of what you wear the most, and what you don’t wear and you can therefore donate, perfect spring cleaning checklist tip!


Organize what you keep

Spring Cleaning Checklist Mapiful Poster
Custom Mapiful Poster – Solaires.Stories

Are you sometimes searching, for hours, for something because you don’t remember where you put it the last time you used it? Whilst decluttering is important, so is organizing! When you are ready for tidying up once you declutter, the number one thing to do is to put things in specific areas. This is better because it feels more organized and you always know where things are located. 

You don’t need to splurge in order to organize! Cardboard boxes and containers of all sizes will be your best friend to store things according to the sizes and categories of things you want to store. Putting things in boxes is also prettier to look at because you don’t have items everywhere and you can find containers with beautiful patterns to accessorize your space!


Your new home organization for spring

Spring Cleaning Checklist Mapiful Gallery wall
Mapiful Gallery Wall – Ivana Bonjolo

This step might be optional for you, but there is nothing more refreshing than a good spring clean and a new organization for your home! 

Keep in mind that neutral colors are a must have in order to make your rooms appear bigger, brighter and cozier. Minimalist habits and items are the way to go if you want to feel at peace and always organized in your home. 

A big trend of 2021 is to buy versatile items of furniture, of decoration and design in order not to clutter your space. It is always better to splurge on durable fabrics which will give more of a chic look to your interior

Plants are also important whether or not you have a minimalist style of decor at home. They have the ability to add something fresh and wonderful to a room and to make it look beautiful and cozy. 

Durable art pieces are also a must have because they will always bring something to a room and can have a special meaning to you. A gallery wall is the perfect setup to decorate a room without making it cluttered. Indeed, if you want to master the art of creating a gallery wall our specialist Ivana Bonjolo will give you advice or you can let yourself be guided by our Winter and Spring gallery wall art. 

We truly hope that this spring cleaning checklist will bring you some peace of mind and
of course, a perfectly organized and declutter home for the spring season! Looking for more inspo? Discover more checklist ideas, tips for when to start spring cleaning, where to start, and why it’s great for the soul here.

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