Birthday Star Map


Decorate your space with our beautifully designed star map. Enter a date and location we can reflect the unique alignment of the sky with all the stars above us. Commemorate the day when you first met, the birth of a loved one, a wedding or whatever occasion you want to remember... You are unique, and so are the stars.


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50x70cm, 30x40cm, 70x100cm, 11×17", 18×24", 24×36"

How to personalize your birthday star map poster鈥


鈥廜ur advanced editing technology creates an accurate constellation for any birthplace and date. What鈥檚 more, it features various customization functions, allowing you to personalize your birthday sky map even further. Here鈥檚 what the editor tool will enable you to do:鈥


  • 鈥廍nter the date of birth of your loved one and the place they were born. These details generate an exact and accurate star constellation.鈥


  • 鈥廋hoose between our many preset themes to find the design and color scheme that best suits your loved one. 鈥


  • 鈥廡he date, location, and coordinates will automatically appear on your birthday sky map once you enter those details. However, get creative and change any of the text to make it more personable.鈥


  • 鈥廤e have three size options that you can choose from. You can also pick a portrait or landscape positioned poster.鈥


鈥廏ive the perfect gift with a birthday star map print to celebrate a loved one鈥檚 special day鈥


鈥廤e understand that it鈥檚 not always easy to think of new thoughtful gift ideas. A birthday constellation map is an ideal present for parents to give to their children. Gifting a star constellation birthday print is a brilliant way to honor the day your child entered the world and strengthen the bond between you.鈥


鈥廈irthday Star maps are not limited to parents and children. These prints make a fantastic gift idea for any birthday. You may be looking for a meaningful gift for a close friend, family member, or even a colleague. Whoever the receiver is, you can鈥檛 go wrong with a personalized birthday constellation map.鈥


鈥廔nspirations for the title of your birthday star map鈥


鈥廋ustomize your birthday star map further by adding a creative and personable title to the poster. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:鈥


  • 鈥廡he night sky on the day you were born鈥


  • 鈥廡he day a star was born鈥


  • 鈥廦our first heartbeat鈥


  • 鈥廤hen you took your first breath鈥


  • 鈥廡he moment you came into this world鈥


鈥廤hy I鈥檓 in love with my birthday star map poster鈥


鈥忊淔or my 21st birthday, my parents gave me this beautiful birthday constellation map. Out of all the cool gifts I received, this was undoubtedly the best one. I would never have expected to receive a gift showing the night sky and constellation of the day I was born; I was speechless! The poster鈥檚 design is stylish and pretty, and it looks amazing hanging on my wall. I will forever cherish this gift!鈥濃


  • Mia


鈥廇bout our birthday star map prints鈥


鈥廋an I select any location in the world for my star constellation birthday print?鈥


鈥廦es, it鈥檚 possible to find and select any location in the world using our intelligent location search and select box.鈥


鈥廋an I edit the text labels on my birthday sky map?鈥


鈥廦es, our customization tool lets you type in whatever you want in the text fields.鈥


鈥廋an I customize the color and style of my birthday star print?鈥


鈥廦es, we have eight stylish design themes to choose between. You can pick your favorite color and artwork style. 鈥


鈥廋an I choose the size and orientation of my birthday star map poster?鈥


鈥廜f course! You can choose a portrait or landscape poster and choose between three size options. The available sizes are small (30x40cm), medium (50x70cm), and large (70x100cm).