Capricorn Star Map


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Ordino da Mapiful da alcuni anni. Ho sempre avuto un'ottima esperienza. Il servizio clienti va al di là delle proprie responsabilità per assicurarsi che fossi soddisfatto del mio ordine con il quale di recente ho commesso un errore. molto grato per questo!! Un ottimo prodotto. Ho iniziato un "luoghi in cui ho vissuto o viaggiato fino alle mura" per nostro figlio e lui adora questi regali

L. Van Winkle


Y Vette L QB


How to choose a Capricorn star map

Are you choosing a personalized constellation map to decorate your own home? There are customizable options to consider when selecting your Capricorn constellation map. 

Do you have a large blank wall? The print in its largest size would look stunning in a gold frame if you choose the Dark or Asphalt style on the design tool. If you have a bright and colorful room, the Modern theme mounted in a black frame would add some nice contrast.

 You can hang this zodiac constellation map in any room of your house, or if you live in a place where you cannot hang things on the walls like an apartment, you can lean it against the wall on top of a bookshelf or dresser. There are endless possibilities for styling your Capricorn star map print in your home.


 How to personalize your Capricorn constellation print:

This gift is ideal for someone with an eye for what is written in the stars. The print of the sky is accurate as it would have looked on the birthday selected in the design tool, so be sure to select the correct date. You have three sizes to select from and can choose portrait or landscape orientation.

You can choose whether or not to include the monogram of the symbol associated with Capricorn, and whether or not to include the starry night background behind the constellation. There are a variety of themes to choose from, including a dark theme, nautical colors, or a modern design, allowing you to tailor your custom wall art to the recipient’s personal aesthetic. 

You can change the text on the poster if you aren’t satisfied with the attributes used to describe Capricorn. You can research your own information and replace those descriptors. Once you have changed any text on the poster, you are ready to buy the constellation map!


Can I design a Capricorn Sky Map for any occasion?

Since Capricorn birthdays are from December 22-January 19, many Capricorns have their birthdays right around the holidays. That is difficult for some people, to have their birthday overlooked by other celebrations. Luckily, this personalized star constellation map is the perfect gift to make them feel appreciated on their special day.  The perfect gift for a close friend, significant other, or family member, the Capricorn constellation map poster lets them know how much you care.


The Inspiration for my Capricorn Star Map

I purchased a large Capricorn constellation map print as a present for myself. I recently got more interested in astrology during the past few months, and I wanted something to spruce up my bedroom walls, where I hang other artwork and other posters. I’m glad I chose this. It looks beautiful, and I appreciate being able to choose my own colors.


About Capricorn

What are the Capricorn dates in astrology? 

The Capricorn dates in astrology are from December 22nd to January 19th.

What is the Capricorn  element?

The Capricorn element is Earth. Earth signs tend to be grounded and stable. In terms of compatibility, Capricorn meshes well with Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, and Scorpio. On the other hand, Capricorn is not as compatible with Aries and Libra signs. 

Who is Capricorn most compatible with? 

Capricorn is symbolized by the sea-goat, or a mountain goat with the tail of a fish. Some say this is representative of the Capricorn “climbing” to a greater height, or of their steadfast nature.

What is Capricorn’s ruling planet?

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, which represents discipline, determination, and responsibility. Saturn is a symbol of limitation– so Capricorn, ever the rule-follower and hard worker, may grapple with understanding one’s own boundaries.

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