Posters for him

The best way to show the man in your life how much you care is with a customisable poster from Mapiful. Whether it's your husband, boyfriend or just a friend, these posters make the perfect gift. You can design a poster of any places in the world, making them completely personal to the lucky recipient. Just choose the places and stories that are most important to you, and voíla you have a truly unique gift.

Is your man always daydreaming about traveling the world? Or maybe he’s just a big fan of different places and cultures? Either way, our customisable posters make the perfect gift for him!


With our posters, he can design a poster of any place in the world that is special to him. Whether it’s a city he’s always wanted to visit, or a place that holds special memories for him, our posters are a truly unique and personal gift.


Plus, our posters are also great for decoration. He can choose to frame them and hang them up as a piece of art, or simply tape them to his wall as a fun and funky way to add some personality to his space.