Zodiac Prints

Design beautiful zodiac prints and astrology wall art for any occasion! Using our customization options, you can personalize stylish posters for your home or office. In just a few clicks, you can add a personal message or select a trendy style to create a stunning addition for any space.

How to choose your zodiac art prints

From a sleek modern theme to a stylish dark design, we have striking styles that complement any decor. Ideally, your zodiac sign poster matches your existing interior design. There are options that appeal to any taste and decor. Choose a style that goes well with colors, accents, and other elements in your space to ensure you add a conversation starter for all the right reasons.

Choosing zodiac art prints with the right dimensions is also important. With three sizes available, you can create a beautiful poster that stands out on any wall. You can also pick between landscape and portrait orientations. Whether you have a narrow wall or a large feature wall, we make it easy to design astrology prints that fit perfectly. If you have a large space like a loft or an oversized surface, these trendy zodiac posters also look great standing.

How accurate are our zodiac art prints

Zodiacs date back to Babylonia astrology and Hellenistic culture. Each zodiac or astrological sign is associated with specific dates. The twelve signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Ever effort is made to ensure your zodiac is accurately represented, including the design of the constellation.

We create your zodiac star map based on the date you select. Simply pick a date and our editing tool automatically chooses the zodiac sign. If you know the sign, you can also pick a zodiac from the list on our editor. Corresponding attributes like the planet, element, monogram, and month of each sign are 100% accurate.

Personalize your zodiac wall art as a reminder of your most special moments

With plenty of ways to personalize your star sign map, these stunning posters make fabulous gifts for loved ones or yourself. Celebrate a birthday with a zodiac star map or create a one-of-a-kind gift for family and friends, whether it is Christmas or Mother’s Day or another holiday.

Customize your astrology prints by choosing a date, zodiac, and other details. Add or remove stars and the sign’s monogram, it is up to you. You can also select one of four attributes linked to your zodiac to personalize your astrology wall art, including the birth stone, planet, element or symbol associated with your sign.

With four lines available, you can also customize the headline and other text using our editor. Add your zodiac name and planet with the date and a unique tagline. Or be creative with inspiring quotes, personality traits, or a special message for your loved one.

Why I’m in love with my zodiac print

I received a zodiac sign poster from my husband for my birthday. I love it because the tones of the Gaia theme look great with the peach paint and orange accents in my living room. Plus, the personal touches like the loving message written by my husband make me appreciate Mapiful Zodiac Prints zodiac constellations map even more.

– Wendy

About our zodiac prints

Can I choose any astrological sign for my zodiac poster?

Yes, you can pick any one of the 12 signs for your zodiac wall art.

Can I change the labels of my star sign map?

You can edit all labels. There are up to four lines of text available, so feel free to type any text you want.

Can I customize the appearance and style of my zodiac sign print?

Yes, you can use our editor to change the style and text on your Mapiful Zodiac Prints zodiac constellations map.

Can I choose a different size and orientation of my star sign map?

Zodiac sign posters are available in three sizes. You can also choose from portrait or landscape formats.