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Over The Bed Decorating Ideas: Wall Decor For Your Bedroom

For many of us, our bed is the hardest goodbye and our fondest hello. However, there are so many other aspects that make our bedroom the place we look forward to winding down and drifting off in every night. That’s why we have put together a list of over the bed decorating ideas to make your bedroom the place to be. Check out these 8 wall decor ideas to get inspired!

Av Edvin Brobeck

Begin the Over the Bed Decorating Process

The process of gathering ideas for over the bed decorating ideas should start with one question? What is the primary style and inspiration behind the space? While décor gives you the freedom to express yourself and get creative, it’s best practice to have a main interior reference to guide you. This will help you to avoid creating an area that is overly busy and confused.

If your bedroom is inspired by bohemian style, you should consider adding elements that will continue this theme, such as crochet and woven tapestry, geometric prints and other nature inspired wall hangings. Similarly, scandi interior will be best matched with minimalistic prints such as line art, plants and deep coloured textiles.

Ideas for Over the Bed Wall Decor

When it comes to finalising your ideas for over the bed decorating ideas, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact pieces that will fit both the interior and the function of a bedroom. We have to keep in mind that the main purpose of the bedroom is to help us unwind, relax and drift into a good night’s sleep. Depending on what you believe, there are tons of articles that say certain items above the bed should be avoided at all costs, such as mirrors (a feng-shui no-no and potential hazard). 

Taking all of this into consideration, we have curated a list of over the bed decorating ideas that won’t inhibit your sleeping patterns or your safety.


Gallery Wall

white map poster of Hognipa, Norway
Custom Classic Mapiful poster – Modern Style

Finalising a decision on what exactly you want for your over the bed wall decor can be difficult, especially when you have an array of choices. But what if you don’t have to choose? Gallery walls are the perfect way to display your favourite artwork and important pieces in a cohesive and unique way. 

The beauty of the gallery concept is that it doesn’t have to be uniform in order to work. You can mix and match with framing, colour schemes and products. Including pieces such as typography, silhouette prints, maps, empty frames, artwork and various other elements can leave you with a distinctive, eye-catching end result for your above the bed decor.

For more inspiration, check out our blog on how to create your own gallery wall



white map poster of New York

When thinking about over the bed decorating ideas, don’t look past a tapestry! These textile creations are the ultimate vibe upgrade in any room, particularly the bedroom. Not only do the materials used create a sense of warmth and earthiness, but they also most often tell a story of their own. 

When choosing the perfect tapestry to suit your style and the interior of your bedroom, there are a range of patterns, materials, designs and colour schemes at your fingertips. Similarly, the hanging options are endless – tapestries can be used to replace a headboard, they can be draped over a curtain pole and fashioned to the wall, framed or used as a canopy. 

If you’re looking to boost the positive frequency in your bedroom, aum tapestries are said to protect the piece and harmony within a setting. 



white map posters with black frame

Introducing shelving can add a decorative touch to your over the bed wall decor, as well as having the added benefit of extra storage. The options are endless when it comes to this addition to your interior. You can choose from a single shelf placement, corner shelves, a headboard with built in shelves, fixed bracket shelves and this list goes on! 

Installing over the bed shelving won’t put you out of pocket and can be done by yourself with the help of another person.


Night Stars

white star map of japan

Many people across the world have spent their most special moments gazing at the stars that adorn the night sky. Now you can frame those exact stars from that very moment and make it a part of the decor for the wall above your bed.  

According to various studies, stargazing promotes a decrease in stress levels and can have a positive impact on your mood. These effects are enhanced when those stars are personal to you and associated with a special memory. What better way to fall into a peaceful night’s sleep than being guided by the warm nostalgia of an important night in your life?

Luckily, we can help you with this. With Mapiful, you can create personalized star map prints with our easy to use design tools. These pieces are fully customizable, from style to size and text.


Over The Bed Lighting

white street map poster of Japan and Germany

This will be one of the most important decorations for above your bed, as lighting is known to have a significant impact on the atmosphere in the bedroom and on your mood. 

According to an article in Ideal Home, there are three main types of lighting to choose from when it comes to the bedroom – ambient, accent and task lighting. Ambient lighting is the main source of lighting within your bedroom, accent lighting is used to highlight certain areas within the room and acts as a separator to showcase specific elements, and task lighting does exactly what it’s name suggests, providing light that will enable you to carry out specific tasks such as reading in bed. 

Within each of these areas, you have the opportunity to get creative with design and style, but just remember – sleep is the goal. Therefore, it’s probably best to avoid the club vibe and go for something a little more calming.


Abstract Art Installations

white star map poster of Chang Mai

If you are looking to create a focal point within your bedroom, abstract art installations should be considered. Abstract art pieces make the perfect decor for the wall above the bed as they add dimension to the space and are not specific to any certain interior approach.

Art gives you the power to express yourself or an element of your personality in a way that other outlets can’t, all whilst looking unique and undefinable. Let the creativity flow when thinking about what installation to feature, be it a sculpture or artistic arrangement.


Statement Wallpaper

modern street map poster of Paris

Statement wallpaper is a favoured approach when it comes to over the bed decorating ideas. Colourful and patterned wallpaper can add a layer of texture to a room and decrease the negative space in a subtle and tasteful way. 

When deciding on which way to approach wallpapering a bedroom, there are a number of factors that you must first consider. The colour of your chosen wallpaper should reflect the function of the room. Therefore, choosing muted tones can carry on the feeling of tranquility whilst still making a statement. 

Additionally, consider the degree of light within the bedroom. Dark wallpaper is going to soak up the light, which will make the room feel smaller and a little more cozy. Whereas lighter colour would add space to the bedroom and give a feeling of openness.


Map Art

nautical map poster of London

Map prints have become an interior staple in the last years, which makes it the perfect piece of decor for the wall above your bed

The choice is yours when it comes to map art, with various sized vintage, scratch, watercolour and typography options available. However, you also have the option to create your own customized map. This means that you can tailor the print to display a location that is significant to you and your story. 

At Mapiful, we can help you create a tailored map print of a special location anywhere in the world! Let us inspire your over the bed decorating ideas and see how you can create a special map poster of anywhere in the world.


The Wrap on Over the Bed Decorating Ideas

It can be challenging to decide which of your ideas for over the bed wall decor to go with, so it is important to keep in mind the fundamentals. Your bedroom is a space that is unique to you, it is the safe space where you choose to rest and recuperate, and prepare yourself for the day ahead. The decor that you choose should be an extension of this tranquility, and something that inspires positive energy and emotion. 

If you keep these over the bed decorating ideas at the forefront of your decision making process, you will be sure to pick the perfect decor to enhance your sleep space.