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Be Productive Working From Home – Five Healthy Habits

There’s more to working from home than simply having a gorgeously organised home office space. But we can’t lie, it helps! Here are our five top tips for maxing your home office productivity.

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How to be productive working from home

Try our five top tips for how to be productive working from home, along with some beautiful home office inspiration stations to keep you feeling focused and inspired. Because there’s more to creating healthy habits when working from home than simply having a gorgeous and organised home office space. But we can’t lie, it helps!


Rise and shine

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Working remotely sounds like an opportunity for a few extra minutes spent in bed, right? It’s actually surprisingly tricky to simply wake up whenever, roll over in bed and start work.

Instead, make sure to set your alarm, take a shower, make time for some brekkie, and get dressed. Keep comfy, but still appropriate for your office. It sounds obvious, but maintaining a routine in the mornings can help you to feel much more alert as you get ready to have an awesome day at your desk!


Start right

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Map poster of Lisboa, Portugal – Modern Style

Start the day by getting in the zone. Whether it’s a stop off at your yoga mat, writing a to-do list or booking a quick call with a colleague, getting in the correct frame of mind to plan your tasks for the day is super helpful.

If you work as part of a team, try to chat through your daily schedules in the mornings, as this helps with being accountable to yourself as well as staying on track with your goals. Then, you’re all set for a productive day where everybody is on the same page.


Set up your space

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Custom Text Art poster of a wedding couple – Modern Style

Although working from bed sounds tempting, sitting at a table is honestly the way forward.

If the option is available to you, find a separate room or section in your home to sit and work. This will help you focus and keep up your productivity in an environment where work and home life can tend to become muddled. Grab a glass of water, keep distractions at a minimum, and take a few moments to ensure that the space is clean and organised.

Make sure to have the tools you need to succeed, too. Bring home a keyboard, mouse, monitor or whatever you need to be the most comfortable and efficient in your tasks. You got this!

Decorate your home office and surround yourself with things that inspire you! Check out these 10 inspiring IG accounts for office and organizational inspo, or design a custom poster that will always remind you of your favorite things, whether it’s a moment, a place or someone special. Hang it above your desk and take your home office decor to a new level.


Keep up the communication

white map poster of home is where the heart is, framed in a productive home office
Custom map poster of Home Is Where The Heart Is – Modern Style


Feeling the distance?

Remote work can require more effort to keep up steady communication, so make sure to check in with colleagues, even if it’s just to ask them how they’re doing. This helps everyone to feel less isolated.

Try using emojis…seriously! It can be hard to communicate emotion, intent, and tone through online chats and email, and it could make someone smile.

Knowing what’s expected of you will also make cracking on with your tasks much easier. Make sure to update any trackers for progress and workflow, and take careful note of decisions made.

And, most importantly, continue to communicate with and make time for your friends and family. When work gets too much, they will be there to make things bearable.

Pause for thought

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Stand up, relax those shoulders and unclench your jaw. Doesn’t that feel so much better?

Taking time away from your screen is great for your mood, and can help to increase focus and let your brain be more productive. It can be a great time to practice mindfulness too. Ten minute tea breaks, a chapter of your latest read, positive affirmations, or even taking a short walk at lunchtime all count! Even if your day is jam packed, get some fresh air and make it a rule to crack open the window now and again. Every little helps!

If you’re struggling with spending more time indoors, accessing therapy and reaching out digitally is also a good way to work through things and keep your mood stable. If you haven’t heard of BetterHelp, they offer text therapy – yes it’s real, and many people are beginning to discover that it can really work.

And, know when to stop

This is actually the most important aspect of how to be more productive working from home. Knowing when to stop can also be a little tricky, even if you’re a work from home pro! Removing the commute home from the office takes away a clear end point of your day, so set some time frames for yourself, and know when enough is enough.