Design • 25 mars, 2020 • 7 minuter

Mapiful Style Guide

Whether you’re informed about interior design or in the dark about decor, take a peek at our official Mapiful Style Guide. We’re here to inspire!

Skrivet av Edvin Brobeck

Which interior style suits you best?

Our custom prints fit right into any room, can be styled in many different ways to compliment any home.

Whether you’re informed about interior design or in the dark about decor, take a peek at our official Mapiful Style Guide. Find your interior style, and see how you can best style your poster accordingly. We’re here to inspire!



As the style which originally lent the inspiration for our classic Mapiful, our prints feel at home in this kind of space. Functional and minimal, Scandinavian style favours a monochrome pallet to create a simple and peaceful environment.

Top Tips

  • Our themes Modern, Dark and Asphalt give an uncomplicated, monochrome feel. You can’t go wrong when picking one of these old favourites!
  • Change up your perspective and create a map in landscape to add a modern touch. 

  • Pair with a white or aluminium frame to beautifully offset your design.

  • Accessorize with an industrial style lamp or exposed bulb to illuminate your print. 

  • Prop up your framed print against the wall to complete this relaxed and cosy look.

Organic Pastel

Nostalgic yet youthful, organic pastel styling invites rustic furniture pieces and white walls to effortlessly blend with warm pastel accent colours and woven textures. It’s effortlessly cool!


Top Tips

  • Colour takes centre stage in this interior style. Pastels are super easy to mix and match, the combinations are endless! Select a print in sky, nautical or humble to compliment your theme.

  • Incorporate a white frame for a light and youthful touch.

  • Try styling your print within a gallery wall. Use it as a centre-point and combine smaller prints and textured hanging crochet details around it. Read our tips for creating the perfect gallery wall here

  • Try mounting your print above your bed or sofa. Boho soft furnishings in woven textures combined with modern pastel toned fabrics add the perfect finishing touch to this style!


Farmhouse styling is for the lovers of the simple and homey. Elegant, timeless and laidback, it’s a gorgeous balance of cosy countryside and clean modernity. And it’s super sentimental, just like our prints.


Top Tips

  • Greys and muted tones characterise this style. Select a Mapiful in pink to add an understated pop of colour to your space.

  • Choose an oak hanger for that rustic look.

  • Hang your print above a sturdy natural wood chest to create a cosy corner, or pop it on top of a hand painted floating shelf.

  • Accessorise around your print with a few select antique items. Jugs, old books and wicker or wooden acessories complement our wooden frames perfectly, adding a timeless feel!