Madrid Star Map Print


Respetando el medio ambiente

Producimos las láminas de forma local, que nos permite ofrecer envíos más rápidos y con menos impacto en el medio ambiente, reduciendo así un 67% de las emisiones de cO2.

Fácil de personalizar

Arte muy fácil de personalizar para recordar los momentos más significativos.

Regalos personalizados

Nuestros pósters personalizados de mapas son de alta calidad e impresos a demanda.

Estilo Escandinavo

Nuestros estilos escandinavos, súper demandados, encajan en cualquier interior sin la ayuda de ningún experto de diseño.


Apaisado, Retrato


30x40cm, 50x70cm, 70x100cm, 11×17", 12×18", 18×24", 24×36"



Llevo varios años haciendo pedidos a Mapiful. Siempre he tenido una gran experiencia. El servicio de atención al cliente va más allá de sus responsabilidades para asegurarse de que estoy contento con mi pedido con el que recientemente cometí un error. ¡¡Estoy muy agradecido por eso!! Es un gran producto. Empecé un muro de "lugares en los que he vivido o viajado" para nuestro hijo y le encantan estos regalos.

L. Van Winkle


Y Vette L QB


How to choose your Madrid star map print

Use our editing tool to choose a custom star map print that looks great whether it stands on the floor or hangs on a feature wall. From picking the right style to selecting an appropriate size, keep in mind the following when designing your Madrid star map poster.

Matching the style of your print with interior design helps create a stylish, streamlined look in your space. Our diverse collection of themes include classic and modern designs. From retro to contemporary, you can create a custom star map print that beautifully complements your decor. Plus, you can match colors by picking warm or cool tones for your Madrid star map print.

Size is another important consideration. Your constellation map should reflect the dimensions of the space where it hangs or stands. Pick a large personalized night sky print or wider or larger walls. Landscape posters are also great for these spots. For areas where space is limited, pick a portrait or small Madrid star map print. These also work well for standing on furniture.

How to personalize your Madrid star map print

Create the best personalized star map with our easy editing tool. In a few simple steps, you can choose specific colors and designs for your personalized night sky print. 

With a personalized star map of Madrid, memories are celebrated. See the night sky from a specific location and date using our editing tool. This lets you immortalize a birth, wedding day, first date or another special moment.

You can also personalize your Madrid star map poster with custom text. Include names or dates. Add lyrics or a quote that evokes positive feelings or makes people smile. When you design your own star map of Madrid, it comes alive from a unique perspective.

Can I design a map poster of Madrid for any special occasion?

When you create a custom constellation map of Madrid, connections to the city are celebrated in a unique way. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a view of the night sky over the city during your first date, for example. Honor your mom on Mother’s Day with a Madrid star map poster from the day she was born. 

From birthdays and anniversaries to Christmas, any occasion is the right one for a stylish star map print. If you want to celebrate your memories in Madrid, buy star map prints for holidays and other special occasions. Remember moments in time tied to the city or a loved one’s personal link to Madrid with a custom view of the night sky.

The inspiration of Simon

I found my partner in Madrid while we were at university. I wanted to give him something special for our anniversary. I designed a Madrid star map print with a view of the night sky from the night we met, and I loved that I could include the date plus a special message on the print.

  • Simon

About Madrid

Which are the best spots in Madrid for watching the stars?

You can stargaze in Madrid at:

  • Juan Carlos I Park 
  • Temple of Debod 
  • Casa de Campo
  • San Juan Swamp
  • San Francisco Dalieda

When can you see the shooting star showers from Madrid?

Look for the Lyrids in April and the Aquarids during April and May. The famous Perseids appear in July and August, while the Orionids are from October to November. 

Which famous constellations can be seen in summer and winter in Madrid?

Orion and the Southern Cross are prominent during the summer, as are Gemini, Auriga, and Andromeda. In the winter, look for Scorpius, Sagittarius, Hercules, and Lyra.

How do we create your star map of Madrid?

Using the date and location you provide, we recreate accurate star maps using data from universities, research institutes and other reliable sources. Once you personalize your Madrid star map poster, we print it on high-quality paper. Your order ships from one of our international distribution centers.

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