Valentines Day Star Map


Respetando el medio ambiente

Producimos las láminas de forma local, que nos permite ofrecer envíos más rápidos y con menos impacto en el medio ambiente, reduciendo así un 67% de las emisiones de cO2.

Fácil de personalizar

Arte muy fácil de personalizar para recordar los momentos más significativos.

Regalos personalizados

Nuestros pósters personalizados de mapas son de alta calidad e impresos a demanda.

Estilo Escandinavo

Nuestros estilos escandinavos, súper demandados, encajan en cualquier interior sin la ayuda de ningún experto de diseño.


Apaisado, Retrato


30x40cm, 50x70cm, 70x100cm, 11×17", 12×18", 18×24", 24×36"



Llevo varios años haciendo pedidos a Mapiful. Siempre he tenido una gran experiencia. El servicio de atención al cliente va más allá de sus responsabilidades para asegurarse de que estoy contento con mi pedido con el que recientemente cometí un error. ¡¡Estoy muy agradecido por eso!! Es un gran producto. Empecé un muro de "lugares en los que he vivido o viajado" para nuestro hijo y le encantan estos regalos.

L. Van Winkle


Y Vette L QB


How to Personalize Your Valentine’s Day Star Map‏


‏Nothing says “I love you” better than a cute Valentine’s Day message on a personalized star map. A personalized Mapiful star map is the original Valentine’s gift idea. Mapiful has a unique customization tool that allows you to curate a custom lovers’ star map to mark the special day. To do so, pick your favorite design and the color you want on the star map, then add the special message you want to pass to your loved one. ‏


‏Since Mapiful’s Valentine’s Day star maps are fully customized, you choose the date and place you want to show. The star map helps you to capture the happiest memories you’ve shared with your loved ones. Thus, you can recreate the night sky as it was on the day you met your lover, your first night out, your wedding, or any other special day in your lives. You can also create a personalized Valentines Day star map that shows the future,‏


‏Give the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift With a Star Map Print‏


‏Love is meant to last a lifetime, and nothing reminds your loved one of your affection more than a star map print gifted to him/her on Valentine’s Day. The Valentine’s Day star map looks gorgeous and embodies unspoken loke. This timeless gift will certainly outlive typical Valentine’s Day treats such as flowers and dinner and will stay with your loved one for years to come. He/she will forever be overwhelmed with emotions of love whenever they look at the print. ‏


‏Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is sometimes hard because we don’t always know our partners’ wants or needs. A star map is a timeless and thoughtful gift that will undoubtedly touch your loved one. He/she will take delight in counting the stars on the map and discovering constellations visible on the commemorated night. ‏


‏Custom Valentine’s Day Star Map Inspiration‏


  1. ‏Just Look Up, I’m the Brightest Star ‏


  1. ‏We Shine Together, Like the Stars on our First Night‏


  1. ‏We’re Made of Stars. Me and You‏


  1. ‏We’ll Grow Old Watching the Stars Together‏


  1. ‏Love You to the Stars and Beyond‏


‏The Inspiration of Heidi‏


‏I’ve always struggled to find a special Valentine’s Day gift that’s unique and feels personal without breaking the bank. I came across Mapiful while searching for original Valentine’s Day gift ideas and was enamored by their star maps. Last Valentine’s, I surprised my hubby with a custom-printed star map of the night we met. The look on his face was precious, and he adores the gift. ‏


  • Heidi 

‏About the Valentine’s Day Star Map‏


‏Can I find an alignment in the world for my star map?‏


‏Yes. Mapiful uses a powerful algorithm that shows the night sky of any location on a specific date and time. ‏


‏Can I change the labels of my Valentine’s Day star poster?‏


‏Of course. The poster is meant to be unique and personal. Thus, you can add any message you want on your star map. ‏


‏Can I customize the appearance and style of my Valentine’s Day star print?‏


‏Yes, our customization tool has tens of designs, which allow you to choose any color and style that you want on your star map.‏


‏Can I choose a different size and orientation for my star map?‏


‏Each star map you create on Mapiful is meant to be custom-made for you. Depending on your preferences, you can choose any size and orientation for your star map.

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