Why we exist

We exist to inspire you to celebrate how far you have come in life, and for you to be excited for the future. We believe memories to be part of an overall journey that should be celebrated everyday.

Our mission

We aim to provide unique meaningful products that boost your confidence, self esteem and elevate your creativity. We want to be the place you come to celebrate what matters most to you and the people you love.

Our vision

We provide you with personal home decor that highlights how unique and strong you are. Personalising a Mapiful product takes you on a journey of gratitude and remembrance. We strive to inspire growth, personal story, and inner-strength.

It all started with …

Our story

Four friends talking about the possibilities of combining technology, design, and maps over a cup of coffee. We realized that we would want our favorite places on a poster, at home – and so the idea of Mapiful was born. Today, we want to be able to provide you with the magical possibility of designing and putting such a piece on your wall, as a constant reminder of happiness, love, marriage, or whatever holds a valuable place in your heart.

We started Mapiful with the same purpose that still drives us today. To create products that bring that warm fuzzy feeling inside when you see them, and let you love the places where you spend your time just a little bit more

Edvin Brobeck

Edvin Brobeck

CEO @ Mapiful

Our brand values

We celebrate life as it is, full of unforgettable moments and exciting ones to come.
We strive to inspire self-love, gratitude, incredible inner-strength and growth in a positive light.


We help you create beautiful Scandinavian decor that fits in any home through an effortless design experience, without the help of an expert.

Personal story

We are a people company, we celebrate people’s incredible stories of love and strength, bring them together, and help them celebrate their loved ones.


We want to inspire you to achieve anything you set your mind to through our products and content. At any stage of your life, we want you to be reminded of how strong and driven you are.

Self care

We bring you products and content that improve your daily mood and put your well-being first. We engage in uplifting conversations and encourage you to find balance in your life.

Environmentally responsible

We pride ourselves on high-quality products, using sustainably-sourcedFSC-certified® paper weighing 200mg2 for each of our prints. We print your posters at the facility that’s local to you, and this also allows us to reduce carbon emissions by up to 67% on each order.

Our community

About 350K
people make up our community

Over 250K
customers have designed Mapiful prints

More than 100
local printing facilities