So what is Mapiful?

Did you ever wish for a printed map poster of your hometown or a place where you fell in love? Well, if that place isn’t Paris, London or New York chances are you’ve ended up empty-handed. That was about to change when we started Mapiful.

We provide you with the tools to let you design your own unique poster. Explore, zoom, customize and order. Voilà, your place of birth, favorite city or just your happy memory framed on your wall, in your home.

Our story

It all began with a cup of coffee and four friends talking about the possibilities of combining technology, design, and maps. The first idea was actually to create a spin on the traditional game “Snake” but on top of real-world maps. When working with maps, and designing them to fit our purpose we realized that we would want our favorite spots like this on a poster at home – and so the idea of Mapiful was born.

We started Mapiful with the same purpose that still drives us today. To create products that bring that warm fuzzy feeling inside when you see them, and let you love the places where you spend your time just in a little bit more …


Edvin Brobeck

Co-founder and CEO of Mapiful

Meet our products.

When decorating with our posters you are able to create a truly unique and personalised wall. Find the perfect mix of frames and posters that tell your stories your way. We offer both large and small frames, and poster hangers in a diverse range of styles and designs.

Classic Mapiful

Places that make your heart skip a beat.

Our famous all-time community favorite. Put your favorite location in the world on a stylish print and have it close at all times.

Star Mapiful

The alginment of the stars

We’ve all gazed at the stars. Our Starmap prints let you see the alignment of the stars and constellations from any location at any given point in time.

Zodiac Mapiful

Your unique star sign, personalised!

With our Mapiful Zodiac prints, find the star sign that corresponds to your birthday and discover even more about you or the people you love!

Text Art Mapiful

A picture worth a thousand words!

Turn your favourite photos and most meaningful words into a piece of art. Customize the design, and see your chosen image and text combine as a unique print!

Meet our team.

The true heroes behind Mapiful. Oh, and they’re an international bunch. You’ll hear over 10 different languages being spoken in our office! !

Edvin Brobeck
CEO / Tech Lead

Henrik Enström
Head of Marketing

Sergey Poprovka

Carlo Morelli

Giuseppe Capone
Performance Marketing Manager

Evelyn Facchini
Social Commerce Coordinator

Ksenia Dontsova
Social Media Manager

Patricia Giner Juan
Social Commerce Team Lead

Amy Renyu Jin
Analyst & Business Developer Asia

Bailey 🐶
Head of Morale & Chief of Happiness

Biljana Kovacic
Customer Support Specialist

Morgane Kaminski
Social Commerce Performance Lead

Eliel Bendjuya
CRO & E-Commerce Specialist

Max Tideman
Graphic Designer & Creative Lead

Emma Harpham
Content Manager

Giorgia Burzio
Moving Content Specialist

Want to be a hero too?

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