Quality Comes First

Custom decor that lets your achievements last a lifetime.

Our prints

Paper and ink

Every Mapiful poster is printed on FSC® certified paper. This ensures that the material we use is responsibly sourced and in accordance with the highest environmental standards.

Our pieces are created using museum-grade paper weighing 200g/m². This guarantees that your custom print will maintain its high-quality for many years to come. Every detail of your personal Mapiful print will be perfectly captured with our ultra precise ink, leaving a defined, smooth finish.

Frames and hangers

sturdy and durable

The wood we use to craft our traditional frames and hangers is solid and high-quality, and also meets FSC® standards.

Our traditional frames are sturdy and light, and come with an easy mounting mechanism and 1mm thick plexiglass that gives a sharp focus for your wall art.

Our Scandinavian hangers also come with a premium leather cord for fast and simple hanging.

Quality that lasts

Each print is wrapped in a protective silk cover and carefully packed into our sturdy and recyclable cardboard packages.

Once you’ve unwrapped your Mapiful, keep it away from direct sunlight and humid surroundings. A dry, clean cloth will wipe away any dust easily and damage free. If your Mapiful rolls up a little, lay it out flat and place small weighted objects on each of its corners. It will be ready to hang in no time!

To keep your Mapiful feeling extra loved, keep sharing the personal stories you have to say about them again and again!