Quality Matters

Everything you wanted to know about how our products are produced, printed and packed, plus how to care for your prints once they have found their way home to you!
You have stories to tell, we promise to print them with care.

Carefully selected materials

Your one of-a-kind maps are printed on FSC certified, museum graded paper.

Weighing 180g/m², the paper ensures longevity, making sure that the places and stories closest to your heart are enjoyed for years to come.

Our ECO friendly inks capture every intricate detail of your chosen location and ensure a sharp, smooth finish.

Packed with love

Every print is wrapped in a protective silk cover and carefully packed into our recyclable cardboard tubes. The cardboard material is super sturdy and will protect your personal prints from A to B!

Produced consciously

Local printing in 30 countries reduces transportation of printed goods by 90%, and cuts down on carbon emissions from the transport process.

Our paper and wood materials are predominantly produced by FSC certified suppliers, which guarantees that the materials meet the highest environmental standards.

FSC is a global non-profit organisation promoting the ethical management of the world’s forestry. Protecting future generations, working against deforestation and protecting animals and wildlife plants.

Mapiful Care

Try to keep your Mapiful away from direct sunlight and humid surroundings.

A dry, clean cloth will wipe away any dust easily and damage free. When Mapiful prints are taken out of the tube, they may try to curl up a little bit.

Lay out your Mapiful flat and place small weighted objects on each of its corners. Your Mapiful will be ready to hang in no time!

A second option is to wrap the print backwards around the tube.

To keep your Mapiful feeling extra loved, keep sharing the personal stories you have to say about them again and again!