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Zodiac Mapiful – Your unique star sign, personalized on your wall!

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Our customizable zodiac prints let you create unique star sign posters that celebrate you or anyone you care about! Pick your star sign, color and text in just a few clicks. Each print can also be easily customised to include the typical traits of your chosen sign, as well as birthstone, planets and symbol!

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✔︎ Sustainably sourced quality paper (200/gsm)
✔︎ Greener production and shipping

Choose from more than 100+ themes and styles

Environmentally Responsible

Your prints are produced at the facility most local to you. This allows for faster and greener shipping, reducing carbon emissions by 67%.

Personalized Gifting

High-quality and printed-to-order, a personalized zodiac poster makes a lasting, meaningful gift.

Effortlessly Customizable

Easily create wall art like no other, and add a fully personalized twist to your home decor.

Scandinavian Design

Our on-trend and high quality Scandinavian designs fit any interior, without the help of an expert.

Don’t take our word for it

9 out of 10 customers recommend Mapiful

“…this adorable print from Mapiful was the perfect addition to our bedroom! I loooove the constellation map of our Aquarius baby ♒️. The design is perfectly minimal, and these colors are my whole palette 😉”



“Obsessing over this simplistic, personalised print that I designed to suit my style and home. I have always found astrology interesting, so I chose to design a zodiac print that corresponds with mine and my twin brothers birth date!”



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Create Your Customizable Zodiac Poster

Zodiac Mapiful lets you create unique star sign posters in just a few steps!

  1. Choose your sign
    Whether you’re a bold Aries, or want to celebrate the birth of a sweet Scorpio, find the star sign that corresponds to your chosen birthday and discover even more about you or the people you love!
  2. Personalize your text
    Add any special words or quote to celebrate your sign and lift your mood each day, or a loveable message to someone else.
  3. Change up the look with colors and themes
    Every home is unique, and with our predefined colors and themes you can quickly find a look that suits your interior style.

Some of the most asked questions

Do you also sell frames?

Yes! Pair your prints with one of our frames to showcase your custom, storytelling maps. Our line of frames come in a variety of colours and sizes, specifically designed to embrace your personal prints, whilst beautifully complementing your home. The poster hangers bring a modern feel to your interior, whilst the traditional frames are a timeless addition that will transition elegantly with you throughout the years.

Do you ship to my country?

Mapiful works with 100 printing partners in 30 countries to produce your custom prints closer to you. Delivery times might vary slightly depending on the country. Local production at the facility closest to you not only means that your one-of-a-kind prints arrive on your doorstep faster, but also cuts shipping distances by an average of 3445 km per order.

What size and paper do you offer?

Your one of a kind posters are printed on FSC certified, museum graded paper. Weighing 180mg2, the paper ensures longevity, making sure that the places and stories closest to your heart can be enjoyed for years to come. Our eco-friendly inks capture every intricate detail of your chosen design and ensure a sharp, smooth finish, and our matt texture ensures that your print doesn’t look shiny when proudly displayed on your wall.

Centimeters (Standard European sizing)
30×40 cm
50×70 cm
70×100 cm 

Inches (Standard US sizing)