Design • 30 July, 2020 • 8 min read

5 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Redecorate Your Student Space

Back to school is here! Wondering how to make your space more you? We've got you covered with these five surprising tips for making your study space totally Instagram-worthy, whilst also sticking to your budget.

By Edvin Brobeck

Redecorating Your Student Space

Back to school is here, and this means that you’re probably either moving into a new space, or looking to refresh your current home.

We’ve got you covered with these five surprising tips for redecorating your student space to make it more personal and totally Instagram-worthy, whilst also sticking to your budget. 

Redecorate Your Student space

Make your walls more you

Fresh, blank walls are the best place to start, especially if you’ve just moved into your space and are eager to start decorating for real.

Want to bring your favourite summer trip, best moment, or simply a piece of home into your student space? With custom posters from Mapiful, you can! 

Mapiful is an online design tool that lets you create custom posters that are meaningful, and unique to your personal interior style. Our range of styles, designs and products make it easy for you to be the creator and tell your stories, your way as you redecorate your student space. 

Whether it’s a poster of your hometown, a special night, or a photo of a trip you took this summer, adding a personalized poster instantly refreshes your space, and lets your personality shine through!

Redecorate Your Student space

Decorate your desk

This can be the most important place to start, as it is often the focal point of your student space. We can bet you’ll be spending at least some of your time at your desk this year, so why not make it into a place that you actually want to spend time in?

If your desk faces a wall, build a gallery wall that inspires you! Postcards, ticket stubs and photos will add a nice personal touch, and can make your room feel instantly more you. Stock up on command hooks, especially if you’re renting your space right now. These little guys won’t damage your walls, and can be used to hang posters, photos, string lights, or keys.
You’ll thank us for this one!

Why not put up some little shelves, and invest in some cheap drawers or trays to keep your paper organized. Pop a houseplant or succulent in the corner to clear your air, and add a candle for an extra touch of zen.
The perfect spot for creativity and calm. 

Redecorate Your Student space

Bright ideas

The right lighting is so important when it comes to feeling good, sleeping well, and getting stuff done. Selecting natural, warm lighting that will bring a balanced brightness to your space is ideal, and you’ll get way less headaches as a result!

Don’t forget to add some ambience too. Decorate with string lights or a statement lamp to create a relaxed and calm vibe without breaking the bank. Mood lighting can really help you to relax after a busy day of classes, or add a chilled mood when relaxing with friends. 

How To: Custom Lampshade
Want to get crafty with your lighting options, or just need an excuse to procrastinate?
All you need is an old lamp with a fabric shade, and a hole punch or scissors. Punch or cut a unique pattern into your lamp, and see the light form amazing patterns.

Redecorate Your Student space

Create comfort

New bedding and fresh towels can do absolute wonders for those nights stressing over exams, they can also banish any homesickness and make you feel right at home instantly. Select warm, calming and homey colors and thick textures, and get ready to relax. 

As well as being super comfy, you can also redecorate your student space and liven up any room with bright throws for your bed or sofa. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour!

If you aren’t able to add your own wallpaper, hanging tapestries are an amazing alternative! Not only do they add texture, but they create amazing feature walls that seamlessly draw the eye, whilst showing your unique style.

Redecorate Your Student space

Feeling thrifty?

Got some extra room that is just begging to be redecorated? 

Thrift stores and second-hand furniture shops are the place to find unique and stylish decor pieces, in both vintage and modern styles. Pieces from the thrift store can be displayed in unexpected ways!

Upcycling can also be super fun, and can take thrifted purchases from trash to treasure in just one weekend. 

You’ll be saving your bank account, and mother earth too!