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7 Living Room Makeover Ideas

Featured creator @kiaracol shows you how to make over your living room, pick your color palette, and teaches you how to create an illusion of space with just one simple trick!

By Edvin Brobeck

Living Room Makeover Ideas To Transform Your Space

These living room makeover ideas hold the secret to making your living room more you. See how to create zones in your space, pick your color palette, and learn how to create an illusion of space with just one simple trick !

Words and pictures by @kiaracol


Create defined zones

Interior with plants living Room Makeover Ideas
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For the most part in small apartments and studios, all of life happens in one living room. It’s easy to feel like there’s no distinction between the kitchen or the office or the living room.

“Creating “zones” helps give some definition to each specific area”

It’s very easy to do this by simply using an area rug to define the living room area, adding shelves above a desk so it feels like one unit, or using bookshelves to create a more defined living and bedroom space in a studio apartment.


Choose a color palette

living room corner after a makeover

It’s best to stick with lighter neutral colours in a small space. Bold colors will make your space feel small. This doesn’t mean you can’t have colour though. Try selecting one accent colour and using it in smaller decor pieces instead of the main part of your colour scheme.

If you want to do something fun and unique, consider painting, stencilling, or wallpapering an accent wall (still within a neutral palette). This will create the most impact rather than throwing in a bunch of busy patterns and colours.


Lighten up

You’ve probably heard to keep things light in a small space. The reason for this is because light colors reflect the sunlight more effectively. It should always be your goal in a small space to reflect as much light as possible.

Using light colours, mirrors, and items that have bright surfaces reflects the light making the room feel larger. Add a light rug, select lighter wood stains, and pick lighter fabrics.


Create an illusion of space

Living Room desk makeover ideas
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In my living space, I chose a coffee table with the frame exposed. It helps open up the living area. Depending on your style, acrylic pieces are wonderful additions because they are completely see-through.



Instead of positioning your couch in the middle of the room, which cuts off a long visual line, put the couch against the wall to elongate the room.



Choose nightstands that have drawers or a coffee table that expands in size for eating or game night. Couches and ottomans that have storage inside can also double up as seating and storage.



@kiaracol in her living room
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If you have tall ceilings, use that to your advantage and add a tall bookshelf for storage. Use baskets to store items that aren’t pretty like extra phone cords or TV controls.

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